April 4, 2019

10 Creative Yet Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Laundry Room

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Who loves an awesome looking laundry? I mean, I do! The laundry room gets overlooked so many times in terms of renovating and designing a home for you. And why, I have no idea. I mean, I don’t know about you but I spend an awful lot of time in the laundry room and if the door is open, you can see it from across the whole kitchen and dining area. So yes, if we ever have guests come over, they can sneak a peak into the laundry room if I happen to open the door to get something. So it’s only right that it has to look it’s best and still store as much as I need it to store. So want to know what we are starting to work on this weekend? You guessed it…our laundry room! Below, you will find amazing and clever ways to upgrade your big, small, or tiny laundry room. You don’t have to change everything, because well, sometimes you can’t BUT I have amazing examples below with each little, budget friendly upgrades you can add to your laundry room. And as you scroll, just imagine what that specific laundry room would look like without that specific upgrade. It’s crazy how a simple change can change so much! With that said, I hope this post inspires you today and helps you realize that your laundry room has so much potential. And if you want to see the ideas that I have for our laundry room and how far it has already come, just scroll to the bottom. 

*This post is my own and the images that are not my own, are sourced and there for your help only.

1. Add Hooks or a Closet Bar/Rod

Source: Norsu Interiors

Honestly though, what is not to love about this laundry room? And you know what the best part is? That “closet bar” is a DIY and looks so cool! So if you need space to hang your delicates to dry, adding a bar or even a simple curtain rod will do the trick! If you don’t like that look or have no space to hand a bar/rod, go for some simple hooks. Hooks work just as well! 

2. Paint Your Floor

Source: Within The Grove

Would you believe me if I told you that this floor was painted onto old tile? What you are looking at is a stenciled floor and it seriously creates a whole new look for the laundry! So if you hate your floor in the laundry and don’t have the choice to change it out for new flooring well…there is another way to go. Find yourself to be a simple kinda gal? Skip the design and just paint the floor whatever simple color your heart desires (do research beforehand on the type of paint you will need for the type of flooring you have). 

3. Just Add Backsplash

Source: Tracey Ayton || Keate and Co Designers

Imagine that green backsplash wasn’t there. Does it make the same impact than when it does with that bold, green backsplash? I think not. Now just imagine what adding a backsplash would do to your laundry! I doesn’t have to be pricey and they are many affordable tile options. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be tile! It can literally be anything from wallpaper to brick, or even bead board. The possibilities are endless, no matter what your budget is. 

4. Add Wall Paneling

Source: Angela Wheeler || Building Walnut Farm

That dark green paneling is seriously jaw-dropping and creates a huge visual contrast to the eye. I will forever be obsessing over this room and it shows just how much a simple, DIY weekend project can change the whole look of your laundry. I mean, the work is TOTALLY worth it, right? You can create something similar with bead board, tongue and groove, shiplap, board and battan, the list goes on. Get creative! 

5. Wallpaper

Source: Zeke Ruelas || Emily Henderason Design

Even the smallest of laundry rooms can look beautiful and still serve its purpose. Here is the perfect example! Adding some wallpaper creates a visual interest and I’m not sure how, but it makes the space feel less messy. Pretend this laundry didn’t have wallpaper…it’s not as interesting, is it? In fact, it would just seem like an ordinary laundry with the cleaning supplies creating an eyesore. With the dramatic wallpaper, it takes your eye away from the cleaning supplies and to the interesting design of the laundry. And wala, now you wouldn’t care if the whole world saw it 😉

6. Paint the Cabinets

Source: The Learner Observer

No, not all cabinets and shelves have to be white or a stained wood. In fact, it’s all about color nowadays and you won’t find me complaining about it! Custom painted cabinetry can get pricey, but whose to say that you can’t do it? Be on the look out for a DIY on how Leo built our laundry cabinets and had a friend make the doors, which we then painted ourselves. So if you have shelves or cabinets in your laundry cabinets that need a good paint job, or even planning on adding some…go bold. 

7. Old Bifold Doors? Uprade

Source: GIA Renovations

I understand that not all of us have a walk-in laundry. But when it come to a closet laundry, you can upgrade your outdated bi-fold doors to something completely more modern! Or rustic, like a barn door. Completely make one yourself, buy one, or find someone who has a knack for building and DIYing. These bifold doors are surely out of the cookie-cutter, ordinary look and I’m lovin it!

8. Add Wall Decor

Source: Room For Tuesday

Have a lot of blank wall space in your laundry? Add a visual interest and add some type of decor or art to it! This laundry is a perfect example for instead of placing some wallpaper or backsplash, all it takes is a simple piece of art. And maybe a plant or two! 

9. Add a Counter

Source: Designer Unknown || Dizzy Home

If you have a front facing washer and dryer than adding a counter above will be your best idea yet. Not only does it keep you from scratching up your machines, but it adds extra flat space to use for storing and folding. Knowing from experience, if you have certain items on the washer while its on, it’ll make very annoying noise! Adding a counter doesn’t have to be an expensive granite or marble, etc. There are affordable concrete options (which we will be doing), butcherblock, plywood, cedar, etc. It’s just something that you have to look into and realize that adding a counter doesn’t have to be expensive!

10. Upgrade Your Storage

Source: Bre Purposed

Simply upgrading your storage from plastic to something like wood/metal crates, wicker/bamboo baskets, or something along those lines can make a big impact on the look of your laundry. Also, if you don’t have a lot of hidden storage space, using glass bottles or minimal plastic ones for detergent and whatnot is a great idea for creating a less messier look in the laundry. It’ll instantly feel like you have the most organized laundry room ever! 

Our Little and Dramatic Laundry Plans

And now my budget friendly plan for upgrading and adding some character to our laundry.

It used to look like this (plus the wire shelving), which actually was just a huge storage place and the laundry was in the garage, on the other side of the left wall. On the right, you’ll see the current stage it is in!

We are hoping to tackle the wall paneling this weekend and then I’ll paint it next week, following with creating a mold for our concrete counters. Then once we get the counter in, I’m hoping the wallpaper will be delivered so that we can be one step closer to the finished laundry…woohoooo!  Let’s hope this project won’t be put on a stand still halfway of being done hah. 

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