August 25, 2020

12 Ways You Can Refresh Your Exterior Entryway Right Now


This past weekend we worked to clean up and refresh our front entryway. Although we almost melted in the heat, it was totally worth it. Our exterior front entryway needed a good cleaning (and of course, styling!) so to the store we went to go get some new plant babies. Over time, our exterior entryways can get neglected, especially as seasons change and we get busy. However, isn’t the front entryway the first thing the mailman, the guests, and anyone driving by, sees!? For most of us anyway. Below, you’ll see a list of little yet dramatic changes that you can do to your exterior front entryway, like right now. It doesn’t take much give it a little love and we all know that we need a refresher from time to time!

Check out this 15 sec video of how we refreshed our entryway this past weekend!

1. Update the Lighting

Don’t settle for simple. Maybe your exterior entryway just needs that updated (and unique) lighting to really create an impact in an easy way! Click here to see where I got mine from (coupon included for a limited time).

Source: Bre Purposed

2. Repaint/Stencil the Floors

Ah yes, a good paint job. Better yet, a good stencil job! If your entryway seems too bland, try stenciling the floor in a fun pattern.

3. Plants Galore

Who says no to plants?! They’re a staple when it comes to decorating your front entry way, wouldn’t you say so? Small, wide, flowy, tall…there are all kinds of plants out there to choose from – which can be stressful, I’ll admit (it took me probably a min of 20 min to finally settle on the jasmine vine and bush hehe).

4. Layer the Doormat

Sometimes a doormat just doesn’t cut it. Add a slightly bigger rug underneath and you might be surprised! Creating layers might be just what your front entryway needed.

5. Give the Ceiling Some Attention

Yes, your ceiling wants some attention too! You can give it a fresh coat of paint, add a ceiling treatment, or even both 😉 If you can, I say dooo ittttt. Click here to see how we added tongue and groove to ours!

6. Update the Door Handle(s)

Outdated door handle? Change it. Or do it our way and just paint it 😉 hah! Until you absolutely need to change it or find the perfect one! Something as simple as a door handle can create an entire different look to your door.

7. Add a Wreath/Door Knocker

If you just have a door that’s literally nothing special, add a cute little door knocker or even a wreath to give it a little something.

Source: Marnie Hawson

8. Add Some Seating or a Fun Swing

Benches, vintage stools, rattan chairs, porch swing, you name it. If you have room for it, I say go for it! Especially if you ever need to just catch some fresh air and relax with a cup of tea and book in hand. You can bring in cozy or dreamy vibes to your front entryway in no time.

Source: Sophie Loghman

9. Paint the Door

Pink door, blue door, green door, WHY NOT?! A fresh painted door can instantly upgrade your front entryway and give your home a little of what it needed – the little update from boring to wow!

10. Bring in Different Pottery

No, not all of them need plants in them! You could do that too but I love displaying my extra pots wherever I can to create groupings. Go ahead and group them like decor for your front entryway!

Source: Five Points Huntsville

11. Go Minimal

Going minimal can also be refreshing to the eyes – and soul!  Just less clutter in general is never a bad thing, if you ask me. If you have lots of architectural elements on the exterior of your home, many times it’s even best to have close to no decor for your front entryway! Let those shapes shine.

12. A Good Ol’ Power Wash

Sometimes you don’t need anything other than a powerful wash down to your front entryway. Cobwebs, dead bugs, mud, and algae can go bye-bye. Already looking much better!

Need more ideas? Click here to see how we took down our screen and put up cedar slats in our entryway for a modern appeal. A video tutorial is included! Can you believe that before?!

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