February 12, 2020

A Clever Hack that Make’s a Thoughtful Gift All Year Round

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Let’s discuss something – Valentine’s day is around the corner, correct? That means grocery stores are stocking up on roses for around $20 or more a bouquet and online flower deliveries charge about $45+ for a small vase of fresh flowers.

So here’s my idea: what if you could gift the gift of flowers that don’t die, aren’t so expensive, and uses your creativity that shows just how much you care?

By the picture with the title, it’s obvious that you know what I’m talking about. Just tell me – is it not the prettiest?! Even if you don’t like random tall branches every which way, you can totally go simple and just have a bag of dry roses, dahlias, or whatnot. What makes these even better is that these dry bouquets aren’t just limited to Valentine’s day! Use this clever idea with dry flowers to use for parties, Galentine get together’s, seasonal decor, birthday gifts, anniversaries, etc. It’s all about how you want to do it! Even if you like to host a fancy party every once in awhile, pull your collection of dry flowers out that you have left over from the bouquet. It’s all about being clever about it 😉

But since Valentine’s Day and Spring is around the corner, I figured it’s time to share this thoughtful, little hack. I challenged myself to create this beautiful, everlasting bouquet that I can use as an easy spring and possibly everyday decor. So that means you can do it too!

Need a gift for HIM? Check out this post for some ideas!


I’ll also be over here and pretending that my husband made it for me…I mean, he did come up with the sand idea (see below)! 

And what if you wanna go bigger? Go bigger. Wanna go smaller? Go smaller. Just place in a paper bag, paint an encouraging word, and gift it! Place in a box to ship, if needed. It’s worth it!

Watch this kinda quick but not really, (it’s not an edited and fast forwarded version but a real life explanation) video to get some tips on how to create a dry bouquet! PS – you won’t be judged for adding a few fake stems…as long as you place them strategically and can’t tell 😉



Need a gift for HIM? Check out this post for some ideas!

  • your choice of dry flowers  
  • wire cutters/sharp scissors
  • small bag (sandwich bag size) of dry sand
  • paint or paint pen (optional)
  • paintbrush for paint
  • brown lunch bag

pendant view

Where to buy dry flowers:

You can purchase dry stems at your local craft store, Etsy, or even Amazon. Do a quick google search and you can come across many websites. Personally, I like to see the stems in person and pick and choose which look best so I went to my nearest craft store, Hobby Lobby. Turns out, they were having a 50% off their floral stems so I purchased all stems for my bouquet there and put it together myself. It’s always good to check your surroundings for some flowers growing outdoors. You might even be able to find an olive or peach tree somewhere! Click on the video to find out how I created the bouquet! Helpful tips included.

Whoopsie to the one misspelled word lol. I meant “can’t”…You can’t see the little short stems if you shove it in the middle of the bouquet. ♥

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