March 14, 2019

A List of Inexpensive Wool Rugs


Why wool? Well not only is it a healthier option than synthetic BUT they aren’t that easy to come upon. Well they are, but that’s if you don’t have a problem with breaking your wallet. Which in most cases, sometimes we don’t even want to make a dent, am I right? So for today’s post, I have curated a list of the best priced wool rugs with some that offer many different sizes, coupons/sales, and colors! So if you find one you really like, click on it. Because chances are, they offer many other options too. FYI, I threw in a couple vintage rugs too which I thought were an AMAZING price. Who doesn’t love that combo? Go check it out, peoples! Because, RUGS RUGS RUGS. They just make a home feel complete.

*This post is my own but does contain some affiliate links.

Alternate Image
Slide View: 2: Super Berber Rug

Jovany Hand-Hooked Wool Pink Area Rug
Mccurry Hand-Hooked Wool Gray Area Rug
Aldergrove Handwoven Wool Natural/Ivory Area Rug
Moyer Indoor Pink Area Rug
Divina Handmade Wool Ivory/Black Area Rug
Lyndsey Hand-Woven Brown Area Rug
Brenner Hand-Tufted Wool Ivory/Black Area Rug
Perlman Hand-Woven Wool Blue Area Rug
Libbey Handmade Charcoal/Red Area Rug
Thompson Porter Hand-Woven Wool Blue Area Rug
Montane Rug, Papaya, 8'x10'

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