March 24, 2020

Anything but the Norm: Interiors that Inspire

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Ever get tired of scrolling through Pinterest and seeing the same thing over and over again? We get it – the rustic style is every where. So are white kitchens, butcher block counters, and the basic laundry room with peel and stick tile. 

There’s so much more that goes into a home than the basic though. So many more styles and feelings to explore. So many more different colors that spark joy, and so many different ways to create. I wanted to pile up a list of some awesome interiors from incredible people, that created anything but the norm. Who knows, it might open up a whole new door for you and spark some ideas on what it is that you love in a house – in your home. I just wish this list could’ve been a million times longer because I’ve come across so so many wonderful homes that don’t show up on Pinterest. But I hope you enjoy these few – you gotta let me know your favorites!  

Let’s gather up some inspiration now, shall we?

Lumiere Lodge

The Lumiere Lodge looks like you’ve stepped into a magical place of peace. Just by looking at the pictures, you can tell that this place has many magical stories to tell. From the kitchen, to the dining, to the bedrooms and beyond, check out the Lumiere Lodge here and get inspired by every choice of bold colors, vintage touches, and good details. You kinda never wanna leave, right?  I know I wouldn’t, especially when waking up to that sunshine pouring through that big kitchen window. 

Ham Interiors

Their designs give me the french traditional feels, but they definitely put their own twist into it! Isn’t that what makes design so good? I mean who else would paint their kitchenette a mint green color? I, for one, am not a fan of that col- oh wait, now I think I am. They are that good and you can find loads of inspiration on their site here.

The Chris and Claude Co.

Simple, minimal, yet bold. That’s what I think when I come across a Chris and Claude Co. design! You just can’t be afraid to go whimsical and have fun with paint colors, ya know? Creating your home is another way to bring out your personality and the Chris and Claude Co. do just that, as shown here!

Vestige Home

Nicole does a wonderful job of creating spaces that are modern yet warm. What I mean is, she goes a step above the traditional style, working magic by bringing in many different elements and patterns that are somehow very easy on the eyes. And of course, she’s a pro at using unique wallpaper! Want to see more for yourself? Do so here, you’ll find lots of inspo.

Heidi Caillier Design

Heidi Caillier Design works with many timeless pieces and reminds me of a modern granny with super chic style. Now don’t get me wrong, I promise you, it’s not the same granny style like you’re thinking about. Heidi Caillier Design is way more sophisticated and like I said, super chic with every little detail. Every time I come across one of their designs, I “ooo” and “ahhh” and take in the inspiration. You’ll just have to see for yourself here.

Angela Wheeler Design

 Angela recently started her official design business and the world is, no doubt, blessed by her eye and touch on design. Her home was featured in Joanna Gaines’ design book, Homebody, along with other publications. I’m head over heels for her home and how every room is beautiful yet functions in so many different ways. Did I also mention that she has her own floral garden? Yep…straight up goals. See for yourself!

Tina Rich Design

I recently found Tina Rich Designs and I fell in love with all the unique pieces that she uses to create a home/commercial space with personality. I’d say she focus more on “boho” style but to be honest, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Her work is more minimal but yet speaks volumes by the choices her and her firm makes. Check it out here for some home eye candy!

Leanne Ford Interiors

Leanne is the queen of white. Now, I’m not sure if it always stays crisp and white but she does a heck of a job when it comes to thinking outside the box. From the vintage finds, to repurposing, and using earthy tones, Leanne Ford Interiors makes things look simple yet different. I’m totally into it. Check her out here and where she’s been featured. Did you know that she even has a tv show called Restored by the Fords? I have yet to watch it as unfortunately we don’t have Hulu…

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