October 23, 2018

Modern and Foldable Bassinet Stand DIY


   I received this bassinet as a gift from my sister-in-law. However, I was almost 7 months pregnant and needed a stand! But lo and behold, I hated every stand I came across. And not to mention, overpriced! So I had an idea…and yes that idea was going to put my husband to work. I had this image in my head that came together as I looked at bassinet stands more and more and making one sounded like the best way to go at it. My husband had plenty of leftover cedar from other jobs at this point so just a month before I was due with our baby boy, he finally found time to make it for me. Personally, I think cedar is a very beautiful and a natural tone of wood so I did not plan on painting the stand nor the bassinet. Makes it better for the babe too, as I wouldn’t want him to breathe in and smell the paint as he slept in the bassinet. Anyway, I wish I had step by step pictures of the bassinet stand being put together, but unfortunately I didn’t have the idea of creating a blog just yet. So reading it is! At least for this post;)  By the way, most of the tools that we used, most people could find in their storage room or garage. But just in case, links were added below!

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  • 2 pieces of cedar wood (a 2x2x12 piece) 
  • 10- 2 inch screws
  • 2 washers
  •  drill
  • possibly a nail gun to hold the wood together before using the screws
  •  drill bit & rope if you’d like to add it
  • sander
  • miter saw
bassinet screw
bassinet support
bassinet hole


   To be honest, I wasn’t too picky with the way I wanted the stand built, as long as it can fold for future storage. So my husband took his pieces of cedar and measured how tall I wanted the stand to be and got to cutting it on his miter saw. We obviously wanted the stand to be sturdy so we went with an inch and a half by an inch an a half thickness on all the pieces of cedar. And as you can see in the picture, Leo added extra support under where the two pieces of wood crossed together but just on the outside so that it could still fold. The way that he did it so that it could still fold is really simple. He put in a washer on both screws at the X of the stand to slightly keep the wood separated, as shown above. He went ahead and screwed one screw on each side to create the X. By the way, 2 in.screws work perfect when putting this thing together. The 4 pieces of wood that connect the two sides together are 20 inches long. Before he screwed in those pieces to put the two X’s together, he had to nail the cedar together so that when he was screwing it in, it would be accurate. If you have someone helping you, you don’t have to do that.  Once everything is screwed in like shown in the picture, take a sander and sand it down really good, especially on the top so that its rounded down. Cedar can be rough. Also, if you don’t like the way the screw holes look, you can use wood filler over them and sand it down! 

   What I like about this stand is that you can wrap sturdy material (like thick leather) on the bottom from one side to the other to make storage for diapers and whatnot. I never had the time to really do that but I was fine without it. Also, if you’d like to add that rope, all you gotta do is add a drill bit to the drill and make 4 holes, one on each side on top. And after some sweat, wala! A cute, modern bassinet stand that you won’t find anywhere else. Especially for so cheap, so be proud of yourself!

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