December 26, 2018

Christmas Card Display DIY

Christmas, DIY

Can you believe that just a couple days ago we were impatiently waiting for Christmas and now it’s like BAM, that’s over, time to move on! It’s like this year decided to fast forward all of a sudden. But then again, I say that every year. But isn’t it true? It’s all totally exciting and stressful all at the same time but I love it. There is definitely nothing else like it. Because this time of the year is so special, a lot of us send out or receive many holiday cards throughout this season and they can quickly pile up. That is, if you’re a cool person and everyone loves you, or if you have a lot of family who love to take pictures. Hah, just kidding I’m pretty sure all of you are cool 😉 But I have created a different, spectacular and unique way to display your cards so that you can be reminded of just how much others are thinking about you this holiday season. Let your mind be creative and don’t just throw those cards in a pile! Create this Christmas card display in just a few easy steps.

  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • 2-3 nails (or more, depending on branch size and weight)
  • Ribbon (or rope/string of your choice)
  • Tape
  • Branch
  • Holiday cards

Cut your ribbon to the length that you want it at and tape each ribbon to the back of the card. If you don’t mind hole punching the top of the card to loop and tie your ribbon, that is an option too!

Once that is done, go ahead and find where you want to hang your branch. Have some one hold the branch for you as you’re using the hammer to nail it slightly, but not all the way into the wall. If you don’t have anyone to hold it for you, place a tiny dot with a pencil for where you want to put the nails as you’re holding the branch up. Then put the branch down and place your nails where you marked. Place the top of the nail a little upwards, with the pointy end facing downwards. That way the branch is more secure and won’t slide down at any random moment. I placed one nail on each side of the branch. If it is heaver or longer, place another in the middle.

When that is done, get your cards that should have ribbon on it already and go ahead and hang them onto the branch, with your desired order. Just tie the ribbon into a simple knot onto the middle part of the branch. Cut off the extra length.

After you hung all your cards, well…you’re finished! I love how modern or rustic this Christmas card display can create and it is really one of a kind display.

Christmas might be over and the New Year is right around the corner, but always, ALWAYS, remember the true meaning of the season no matter what day of the year it is!

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