June 25, 2019

Create A Longer Shower Curtain Without Sewing In 5 Easy Steps

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I have no idea how to sew and although I wish I knew how, there is something called iron on adhesive heat bond tape that makes things possible for us non-sewers! So instead of spending almost $100 on a longer shower curtain, I decided I would give this whole adhesive thing a try. Turns out it’s pretty awesome and not that hard at all! Read on below to find out how to create a longer shower curtain without any sewing whatsoever and in just 5 easy steps.

1. Cut Your Material to Size

  • use a tape measure to measure out your fabric to the extra length you want your shower curtain, making sure its long enough to cover a few inches of the bottom of the shower curtain plus add 2 extra inches on each side to fold over your shower curtain (If you want the fabric to cover the back side of the shower curtain, then make sure your fabric is large enough or cut to appropriate size instead of just the extra 2 inches)
  •  place some kind of mark on the edges to ensure that you cut even
  • cut with scissors

2. Start With the Top

  • turn on iron
  • turn material around to the backside                      
  • start by taking the top part of your fabric that you’re adding to the curtain and fold it wide enough to where you would cover the adhesive tape (I ripped the tape and placed it on a little at a time) so that the front top would look nice and straight with no fabric frills


3. Place Adhesive Tape

  • start from the edge of the top and a little at a time, rip a piece of tape at least 8-12 inches long
  • place tape right under where you folded the fabric
  • place iron right over the tape as suggested on the instructions
  • once you ironed the folded part over, you now turn the fabric back over and place the fabric onto the shower curtain, lined up where you want it at the top (I placed the fabric a few inches higher than the bottom of the shower curtain) and tape that on with the iron

4. Fold Over the Bottom

  •  take the bottom of the attached fabric and flip it over so that you see the backside of the added fabric
  • fold over the bottom to tape and iron again like the top to get a straight look with no frills

5. Fold Over the Sides

  • fold over the sides so that its even with the side of the curtain
  • tape and iron


Click here to see how far this bathroom has come! And still going 😉

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