February 19, 2019

Different Lighting Styles That You Should Add to Your Bedroom

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Why hello there! May I interest you in some beautiful lighting ideas that just might inspire you to make a simple change in your bedroom? Or office? Or both? I mean, this post is in honor of me finally ordering a table lamp for our guestroom/office that I am so excited to reveal very soon! Well, once that lamp comes in because I cannot be more giddy about it. I know, I’m giddy about a simple table lamp. Why, you ask? Well it’s just my – what do you call it – passion? Otherwise this blog wouldn’t be here, because honestly who needs to read another one of these. But hopefully, my love for design clearly shows through these words and just maybe it sounds like I know what I’m talking about! Hah, but okay let’s get back on track! These inspirations below are great ideas for those of you who want something other than a plain ceiling fan above a bed (which sometimes you just have to have). Accent lighting is one heck of a way to make a room look like “OOOOOO!” I can promise you that. Proof is down below 😉


*This post is my own and does not contain any affiliate links. All images are sourced and linked by clicking on the image. 

1. Floor Lamps Aren’t Just Made For Living Room Corners

Image Sources: Room for Tuesday

2. You Mean Not All Cool Sconces Involve Electrical Work?

Image Source: The Faux Martha
Image Source: Chris Loves Julia

3. Desk Lamps Don’t Have to be Desk Lamps

Image Source: Emily Henderson Designs
Image Souce: Nuevo Estilo

4. Lampshades Don’t Always Mean “Grandma Style”

Image Source: House of Hire Designs
Image Source: Emily Henderson Designs

5. Vintage Light Cords Aren’t Just a Trend

Image Source: Vintage Revivals
Image Source: Sophie Timothy

6. Go Ahead and Add A Non-Plugin Sconce, I Dare You

Image Source: Kelie Grosso/Coco Kelley
Image Source: Cortney Bishop Design

7. Its Adjustable? I Don’t Believe It

Image Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel
Image Source: The Grit and Polish

8. Is There Such a Thing as Too Big?

Image Source: Ryan Garvin
Image Source: Studio McGee

9. Hanging Pendants From the Ceiling is Totally Normal

Image Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel
Image Source: Style Curator

10. It’s a Two In One Kinda Deal

Image Source: Juniper Studio
Image Source: Amber Interiors

I told ya! There are literally a bajillion different kinds of lighting to add to your bedroom for that extra oomph and well..practicality too. A bedroom is supposed to be a room for surrender and tranquility. Actually…that includes your office too, because who wants to work in a place that feels harsh and unwelcome. Not I! And when I say that, I mean that the lighting isn’t supposed to be as bright as a makeup LED mirror in there. It’s supposed to be calm yet not too dim, and welcoming yet not too bright. You do you so you find out what kind of lighting style you absolutely love and welcome yourself home to a sense of serenity and laziness. Because lets be honest, nobody wants to clean when the lamps are on and the candles are lit and the smell of lavender is in the air. Or…is that just me? 

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