August 9, 2019

Don’t Want the Framed Look? Frameless Art DIY for $10

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It’s true, not all art has to be framed. In fact, there are many ways to hang art without the use of a frame. However, when it comes to art that you don’t want to hang and have that frameless look, the options are somewhat limited. Especially, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it! I really wanted to lean something on my mini shelf in the laundry and because we have wallpaper also, I wanted a piece of art that I didn’t have to place in a frame, bulky or not. I felt like because the art I purchased was bold and pink already, I didn’t want to add more to it. Especially, since the size of the art was on the larger side. Whether that makes sense or not, it does in my head! Heh.

My first idea was calling a printer company (like Office Depot, Staples, etc) and asking if they had any options where I can print a digital print onto a hard surface. They offered to print it on a foam board or onto a poster board and when I asked for the price, you better believe my jaw dropped. To have it on foam board, it was well over $50 for a 16×20. Uhm, no thanks! Plus, you’ll be able to tell that it’s on foam from the side. As for the poster board, it’s too flimsy to stand on its own. So what to do?


Read below for how I created a frameless look for the art piece for under $10 and sturdy enough to stand on its own! 


1. Have the Art Already Printed

If you’re thinking about purchasing a digital art piece to print out on your own, that’s perfectly fine. I do suggest to go ahead and purchase a printed piece if you can, that way it saves you the time and money (most times) to print. Obviously, that’s not always the case so weigh your options on how you want the piece printed!

2. Purchase Canvas and Tape

 You’ll need to get a thin canvas board (I found a 2-pack of 16×20 at Hobby Lobby for $7 by using the 40% off coupon) and something to make sure the art stays on the canvas. I first bought Elmer’s strong hold double sided tape (also with a coupon) and then found adhesive tape so the choice is up to you as they both work! I used the Elmer’s tape and it still holds up great. I mean like it’s a million times better than glue, personally. 

3. Secure the Art onto the Canvas

Now that you have what you need, make sure you place the print EXACTLY where you need it on the canvas, BEFORE you place the tape on. I did the opposite and placed tape on the top edges first and well, I had to use an X-acto knife to trim the bottom. Blonde moment. Doing what I did, makes it harder to maneuver the print if I placed it on unevenly. So first place the print exactly where you want it and then once you do that, pick up a corner and place tape there. You then place tape on both sides of that corner and so on, carefully picking up the print in order to tape it down. Do that until all sides and corners have enough tape. Literally, SO EASY! Press the print down to make sure its on securely on the canvas, and if needed, use an X-acto knife to trim down the bottom if you messed up. That way, when you go to stand the art up, the print is dead even with the canvas and it can stand on its own. And just like that, it’s done! 

Watch video below for my not so perfect first time! 


Music: Balloon Musician: @iksonofficial

4. Style the New Frameless Piece

And now for the point of this little frameless art DIY project? To style it exactly how you want it, without a frame! Even if you want to hang it, that’s totally possible too. All you have to do is purchase a picture hanging kit (THAT WON’T SCREW THROUGH THE CANVAS). A total doable project AND SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE THAN GETTING IT PRINTED ON A LAME POSTER OR FOAM BOARD!  

“Thank you, Gloria!” 

You are so welcome. 


Okay, now I’m talking to myself but I was pretending that you were saying “Thank you, Gloria!” Heh.

The art styled below is from our updated laundry, check it out here!

Or for how we updated it, here. 

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