January 24, 2019

Inspiring Vanities to Spice Up Your Bathroom

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I’m the kinda person who loves to walk in a beautiful home and be awed by how unique and well put together everything is. But then again most of us are, right? We walk in and go “oooo” or “ahhhhh, where is this from?” and so on. Because who doesn’t like a home that’s built and designed like one of a kind. We all have different tastes in home styling, some more similar than others. With that said, this post is going to focus on bathroom vanities and the many ways you can go about designing. Bathroom cabinets and vanities are one thing in a house that you can find the same of almost in any house! It’s not a bad thing but isn’t it nice to see something different every once in awhile? Like I mentioned earlier, guests will walk in and go “ooooo” and “ahhhh”, now this is different. That is why I want to share with you that there are literally SO MANY WAYS to remodel your bathroom and update our vanity instead of a simple cabinet that that can honestly be outdated and still overpriced.  Let’s bring out the potential in your home and remodel with what you truly love! So scroll down for some awesome bathroom ideas to spark your imagination and wow the heck out of your future guests.

*This post is my own. All links are for the source of the image only, which can be found when you click on the image.


Image Source: Brandon Architects


Image Credit: Laine & Layne


Image Credit: Juniper Studio


Image Source: Lindye Galloway Interiors


Image Source: Henrietta Hotel


Image Source: Amber Interiors


Image Source: Lanna Kenney


Image Credit: Little Boho Tribe


Image Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Image Source: Roses and Rolltops


Image Source: Kali Cavanagh


Image Source: Etica Studio


Image Source: Emily Henderson


Image Source: Kali Cavanagh


Image Source: Thea Home, Inc.


Image Source: Diomede Design


Image Source: Park and Oak Interior Design


Image Source: Rachel Dunham Design


Image Source: Heather Bullard


Image Source: Honestly Designed

Did you “ooo” or “ahhh” yet? I hope you did, after looking through these amazing inspirations! I know that often times we remodel or build around a budget and because of that we feel limited to how beautiful we can portray our homes. Although there is some truth to that as some things are more expensive than others, let me tell you that that DOES NOT HAVE TO STOP YOU. Whether your style is more rustic, or you love the traditional look, or your all about the modern, or just a simple person and love the scandinavian feel, there are so many creative ways that you may design a home with your budget. Yes, A LOT of research and A LOT of patience and A LOT of elbow grease goes into wanting a home that you want to live in but in the end, isn’t it worth it? And I’m talking from first hand experience here! With a budget literally as little as ZERO DOLLARS, my husband and I are pulling all the strings to create a home that we love. Its taking us weeks to finish our bathroom vanity and even a year to finally getting to finishing our master bath, but in the end…we’ll both be happy that we didn’t settle for anything less. It’s all about thinking outside the box, my friends. ♥

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