February 25, 2020

How I Came Up With a Bedroom Design Plan With These Easy, Non-Techy Steps

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One of my favorite makeovers yet – the master bedroom. A place I can finally love and relax in and simply feel like its my -our- little oasis. Before we even moved into the house, we have replaced the floors, took all the old blinds down, covered the old wallpaper with tongue and groove, gave the room a paint refresh, updated the old ceiling fan to something a little more modern (although, I would’ve preferred an awesome light fixture but that fan has already saved our butts many times!), and changed out the doors and trim to match the rest of the house. 

So, needless to say, we have definitely put in some work in this room. However, now it’s time to properly furnish it and give it a little bit of the “Gloria” love that it so desperately needs! We can’t have an aspiring designer/creative have a boring bedroom, now can we?  ♥

Below, you’ll see my favorite picks that I have chosen, uhmmm – a little less than a year ago tbh (I’ve been ready since day 1 to do this hah) and the pre-final and final mood board. I had to change things up a bit as a rug I ordered never made it to me, an item or two are now not sold, and I changed my mind about a store bought nightstand.

Yes, we are making our own nightstands. And oh! Our own headboard too. Super duper pumped! Below, you’ll see the thought process for the design and how I came up with the final design. Guys, it’s a MAJOR GAME CHANGER when there’s an actual plan involved. You won’t be finding yourself wanting random furniture that you come across just because it’s on sale and you need it, and you just slightly love it. Ya know? With a mood board to guide you in the right direction, you can be confident that your home will come together just the way you were wanting it to – no guessing games needed. I can’t believe that I’ve waited so long to do this myself! Probably could’ve saved us a bill or so, heh…


1. Find Favorites

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by going on Pinterest to find what kind of bedrooms you like and save them. Once you’re done, go back and see what draws you to each of them. Do you like a certain element, texture, feeling? More than likely, they’ll have something in common in each of the bedroom designs! After figuring that out, source the internet, your favorite home store, and/or home influencer blogs to find your favorite staple picks for the bedroom. You can even click the little search icon on the picture you saved on Pinterest to find similar items! Don’t forget to stick to a budget that you can afford, though. Click here to find out how to get the best price. Copy and paste your picks to either Microsoft Word or Powerpoint (I used Power point) and don’t forget to write down price and store so that you can easily go back to it. Easy peasy, right?!

*Tip: when you copy and paste items to Powerpoint, you can remove the background of the item by clicking the photo, going under the Format tab and clicking Remove Background

2. Print to Trial & Error

I found it to be so much easier to print out the favorite picks and cut them out. That way, you can play around and see what looks good with what. For instance, once I cut everything out, I started with either the rug or headboard since those pieces are bigger. I then played around and matched what nightstand I liked with the bed, what accent chair, then what lamp. I already chose a sconce for the nightstands so I left that out but you can include that too. I also already had a dresser that we are refurbishing so you don’t see that but you can easily add that also – check the numbered steps I went by in the “Favorite Picks” section! Don’t overthink this process, it should take you 15-25 min! Typically, just start from the biggest item, down to the largest. OR start with the one item you absolutely have to have!

*Tip: pay attention to how each mood board design makes you feel. Does it give you what you’re aiming for? Is it cozy, minimal, or too busy? Is it enough storage for you? Etc.

3. Pre-final Decision

 After you have placed all your cutouts where you want them to be, find your absolute favorite design. Figure out why you love it and pay attention to those details! For a little more surety, copy that design into a mood board in Powerpoint and add more details like curtains, paint colors, art, etc! Have fun with this and don’t always think matchy-matchy! You’ll be surprised that sometimes matching bed pillows to your art or curtains just doesn’t look as good as you would expect! So play around and see what comes of it! Just copy and paste likewise to Powerpoint to come to step #4! No fancy programs needed 🙂 Tweak where you need to and don’t get stuck with something you aren’t sure will look good!

*Tip: this is when you need to take in count of measurements and make sure your items will fit and won’t be too big or too small!

4. Final Decision

After some tweaking and measuring, you are now 100% sure that this is what you want to go with! It still may not be perfect as items may be sold out or something may happen mid install but that’s okay – you now have a clear vision of how to design your bedroom and won’t be sucked into purchasing something you only half love or with something you aren’t sure will go. More than likely, you’ll want to sell that piece because you found something better just a year later and more than likely, you’ll lose money. So DON”T BE AFRAID TO WAIT! Gosh, I’ve made that mistake many times! The perfect dresser will come along. Just stick to your mood board unless your’re 100% sure you want to change something. This shouldn’t be a stressful process, but instead make it less stressful! You might not be able to find the exact items but as long as you are comfortable with the design style you’re aiming for, things are already looking smoother! Read below to see what I mean with my choices. ↓


 – This is my final mood board, however, it’s not exact. Meaning the vibe of what I’m going for is there but we will be DIYing our headboard with a white linen fabric, making our own nightstands, and sanding down that dresser to the original color. I might not have that exact art piece but I now have a clear vision of what it will all look like all placed together! Our tongue and groove is Journal Book by Sherwin Williams which is why you see blue added to my design. I used to want to repaint it for a quick sec and then I thought, why? I love this color. It’s the perfect color that kind of sets the mood for calm and relaxing (I realllyyyyy hope Sherwin Williams still has this color as I couldn’t find it on their site!). I’m planning on painting the white walls halfway up with this blue color to bring in more of the color from the accent wall. I also have a brass side table that we use in the linai that I kind of fell out of love with. So instead of spending more money, I am thinking of painting it a burgundy color to place next to the chair so that’s why you see a random burgundy table there. And sadly, that black floor lamp in step #3 is no longer available so I’m hoping I’ll get to thrift a cool vintage one! Ahh, can’t wait for it to come to real life! 

Bring it to Life

The best step. Getting to bring it all to life and be able to love where you live! Stay tuned for all the projects we’ll be working on for the master update and when that’s done, watch us transform the room in just a weekend! 

For all BTS and info on our DIY projects, follow along on Insta! There’s a lot of good and complicated things coming at us – and you, if you stick along 😉 Well, not the complicated part – that’s just on us!

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