July 2, 2019

How to Create Vintage Inspired Polka Dot Art for $5

DIY, Styling

This simple DIY of how to create vintage inspired polka dot art was inspired by an irregular shaped frame I purchased at a thrift store and a little bit of polka dot inspiration. I thought, polka dots are considered somewhat retro or vintage right? At least when its paired with gold! Well okay, maybe it screams Kate Spade but truth be told art for $5 sounds like the best decision ever. Super simple too, so yes I do stand firm with the fact that the best decision ever is my new framed piece that I totally ADORE.

*High fives myself*



  • tape measure
  • X-acto knife
  • frame
  • choice of paint
  • pencil with eraser
  • aida cloth (or whatever you prefer)
  • ruler
  • plexiglass (if needed) we paid over $20 for a sheet from Home Depot but Hobby Lobby sells a 16×20 for $3))
  • sharp utility knife (for plexiglass cutting)

material for diy art

1. Measure cloth to desirable size that fits into frame

2. Cut

  • an X-acto knife does wonders for cutting this material or if you don’t have that, sharp scissors will work
  • just make sure you cut against something to ensure it’s straight

3. Paint with the end of a pencil

  • I placed the dots randomly, with no specific order

4. Wait for paint to dry to prevent smearing before continuing or continue to step 6, if needed

5. Wrinkle the painted cloth into a ball a few times (optional)

  • I did this step so that the piece would have some texture to it, although through time, the smaller wrinkles will eventually straighten themselves out

6. Frame it or if needed, cut plexiglass to size for back support

  • I thrifted this frame so I had to purchase plexiglass and cut it to size of the old cardboard backing since I didn’t want the cardboard showing through
  • I originally wouldn’t need to do this if my aida cloth was going to fill the whole frame but it didn’t fit evenly
  • that is why I had to cut my cloth so that I would have an inch around all 4 sides, instead of the size the material cloth came in
  • cut plexiglass with a sharp utility knife on one side to create a notch then flip over and do the same
  • from there you can bend it until it breaks (be careful so that it won’t crack)

7. Wipe Away Smudges

8. Frame and Style

Wasn’t it super duper easy? The texture of the cloth and the uneven polka dots turned out beautiful and totally worth the little effort! The 5 bucks too! I calculated this polka dot art project to $5 including the cloth, paint, and a pencil. I didn’t add the cost of the frame since they vary in so many pricesa, depending on where you buy from, what size, etc. And plus, I’m sure you have an old frame hanging out somewhere in the dark, right? The plexiglass is totally optional, depending if you want a see-through look or not so that wasn’t included in the $5 either (but head to the material lists up top for a big tip on where to buy it). Hence, why I called it How to Create Vintage Inspired Art for $5.

*High fives myself, again.*

 Check out the before of this armoire!

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