October 22, 2019

How to Make Your Own Pendant Light Without a Light Kit: Step by Step + Video

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Not everyday does someone make their own pendant light but I’m here to say that if the instructions are right, it’s a simple DIY project. You can either buy a light kit and go from there or you can buy everything separately. We decided to buy everything separately because one, I couldn’t find a kit that I liked and two, it gave me more freedom to personalize the pendant light!

I had found some lampshades at Goodwill that caught my eye and knew I could use them for a space in our home! I loved the original 70’s color that it had but I decided to paint over one of them for the dining area in our linai. From there, we customized and made our own pendant light in these exact steps!



*we found our light accessories at Lowe’s and Home Depot

  • cord/chain (can purchase together, separate, or just have the cord)
  • light socket (get one with the mounting pieces that attach to top and bottom or buy separate)
  • lampshade
  • ceiling cover/canopy
  • light bulb
  • wire stripper
  • screw driver
  • spray paint (optional)

1. Customize Lampshade if Needed

  • thrift it, clean it, paint it, stencil it, or MAKE it — it’s really up to you

2. Take Socket and Attach to Lampshade

  • take the bigger mounting piece that the light socket came with and attach to top — it’ll keep it from falling through (as shown at :17.0 in video)
  • place socket in the hole of the lampshade and screw the other mounting piece on from the bottom (as shown at :24.0 in video)

3. Pass Cord Through Mount, Split, and Attach

  •  take the piece that loops in cord and run cord through (as shown in video at :57.2+)

*If you are wanting to make this a plug-in light than cut the other end of the cord to desired length (leave a little longer) THEN pass cord through

  • split the cord
  • take wire stripper and take just enough plastic off to reveal wire
  • curve that wire on both sides of the split so that each side can go underneath each screw, shown above
  • tighten the screws with a screwdriver so that wires will be intact (as shown in video at 1:33)
  • tighten the top mounting piece into socket, like shown above 


4. Cut Cord to Length

  • if you want your pendant light to be electrical (without a plug-in) cut your cord to desired length with a little length leftover (as seen in video at 1:58)

5. Weave Chain On and Attach to Mount

  • start with the end of the cord and weave it through your chain (2:09)
  • you can use your wire stripper to split the first chain link and attach to top mounting piece of the light socket (2:24)
  • close the chain link once it’s attached so it doesn’t fall

6. Attach Ceiling Mount to Ceiling Canopy

  • take your ceiling canopy and attach the pieces it comes with ABOVE the cover (we messed up and placed a mounting piece underneath the cover but it needs to be OVER the piece that the chain attaches to and the cord loops through)
  • loop the cord through so it comes out from the back side of the ceiling cover

7. Install- AKA You Did it!

  • install to where you want it as you would with any light fixture
  • screw your light bulb on

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