November 12, 2019

Learn How to Make No Sew Linen Tea Towels or Dinner Napkins

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It should still be like June, but somehow it’s already November and almost everyone is already decorating for the holidays! Somewhere in between the holiday chaos, I have the perfect DIY project that you can make in less than a day! And I promise you, you’ll gladly want to use these if you are planning on hosting this year. In the same day, I went to Joann’s fabric store to find some linen fabric and made these adorable, no sew tea towels or dinner napkins! Dinner napkins can get pretty up there money wise if you’re inviting more than 4 people. ESPECIALLY for the linen kind. So my tip for you? Watch the quick one minute video below to see just how simple it is to make these fancy looking dinner napkins-no sewing machine required. Read on below for more details!


  •  your choice of fabric (I used 100% linen of 1.5 yards for 15, 13×13 napkins)
  • measuring tape
  • chalk or a white bar of soap
  • a long straight edge (like a yardstick)
  • very sharp scissors/shears

1. Measure

  • lay your fabric down on a flat surface, evenly
  • figure out what size you want your napkins to be and how many napkins you can make from your piece of fabric (mine are 13×13 inches of 15 napkins from 1.5 yards of fabric-I would make them a little bigger though as the fringe can make it a little smaller)
  • use your tape measure and make a mark with your chalk or soap for where you need to cut

2. Draw Line(s)

  • using your yardstick (or anything long and straight), place it across your fabric and line from mark to mark
  • take soap or chalk and draw your line so you can cut as straight as possible (go ahead and draw out all the lines OR just draw and cut fabric, one by one)

3. Cut

  • using your shears or scissors, cut against the line(s) as straight as possible (it’s ok if it’s a little crooked bc no doubt mine are-the fringe will make it less noticable) 

4. Repeat Steps 1-3

  • repeat the steps so that you come out with how many napkins you wanted (it’s pretty much an adult cutting game lol)

5. Fringe It

  • this part seems easy, but it can get tricky-and a little time consuming
  • I figured out that if you start pulling the fray fabric pieces first, from lowest to highest, it’s easier
  • than start from one side and pull towards the other side, one string at a time (it’s less likely that it’ll get knotted)
  • keep doing these steps until your fringe is as long as you want it
  • you might realize that some fringe that’s on the same side, is shorter than the others because of the way you cut earlier-that won’t be as noticable once you wash them

Then wash! I tested mine in the wash to see if my fringe will fall apart. Some pieces definitely came loose in the first wash but that’s an easy fix with either pulling or cutting.  After drying them in the dryer, they came out wrinkled and the fringe got fluffy like linen fabric usually does. I kept it like that because I actually prefer it like that! Follow fabric instructions on washing and drying so that your napkins don’t shrink dramatically.

So cute right? I spent under $20 for my fabric with a coupon at Joann’s. It definitely was worth the day of making the dinner napkins, instead of spending possibly close to $100 for store bought linen dinner napkins! 

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