May 5, 2020

My Eczema & Psoriasis Update: April – Supplements I Take, A Healthier Coffee Alternative + A Vegan Apple Crumble


Wow, it’s been a year. A year since I found out that I had psoriasis on my face and not just random dry patches. I remember going to get a facial around my birthday and it was actually my very first time. I asked the esthetician why I was getting those dry patches since I’ve never experienced anything that a good moisturizer couldn’t fix. Her response was one that made me feel sick and scared.

“It looks like it’s what’s on your hand.”

Eczema. I’ve had eczema on my right hand for many years, that had started on just one finger and progressed over time. At that point, it was on majority of my right fingers. But now my face, my face?! I’ve already been trying to deal with cystic acne and dark spots, and now this. Juustttt greaaattttt. I pushed the thoughts away and enjoyed the rest of my facial. Eventually, later I figured out that the eczema I have on my face is psoriasis which is – not. fun. stuff.

One year later and it’s still a big, scary roller coaster. You can check out a lot of my pictures here and the previous eczema posts. April was a good month to me, skin wise. Despite some hormonal dark spots,  my face was glowing in the best way possible! My shoulders and arms felt better and the patches faded away to where it looked like old scars. But for some reason, I just started to get inflamed again. I have no idea what triggered it but nonetheless, I’m still taking my supplements, drinking celery juice, lemon water, and my heavy metal detox smoothie. The psoriasis on my face hasn’t been as bad as it was last summer however, the eczema on the rest of my body is currently driving my crazy. One day it’s calming down and the next, I’m holding back tears from just doing everyday things. It’s feels like a never ending battle, but the battle will have to end one day – that I know.

Click here for a video recap that I quickly put together ♥

I asked the esthetician why I was getting those dry patches since I’ve never experienced anything that a good moisturizer couldn’t fix. Her response was one that made me feel sick and scared.

Then & Now:

What Supplements I Take:

New Faves That Help Me Stay On Track:

Chaga –  my new energizer. If you don’t like coffee or trying to ease down with all the coffee drinking, chaga is an awesome alternative! Yes, it’s a mushroom but it’s good and it’s a medicinal mushroom.  Four Sigmatic is actually a brand that sells instant coffee with chaga in it but it’s cheaper if you just buy yourself a bag of chaga powder 😉 That way, you can drink it instead of coffee, or add it in coffee, add it in foods, desserts, milkshakes, anything really!!  My favorite is making a cold chaga drink in a way that you would make a fancy iced coffee. It’s soooo yummy. Best thing yet? It has so many benefits – click here to read them!

Funny story: I went over my head that chaga helps with energy levels – like I didn’t even think about it. I was drinking an iced chaga drink in the evening and since it wasn’t coffee, I let my begging 2 year old have some. BAD IDEA. He was running around the house till 2 am……face palm**

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie –  part of my recent routine. You can find the recipe and benefits if you click the previous link. You can also find the powders on Vimergy and Amazon, including dulse.  It definitely helps, the next morning you’ll be in and out of the bathroom really quick – which is a good thing lol

Vegan Apple Crumble –  I went with this recipe which is actually not vegan but I changed it up and made it my own so that I could eat it. So good and approved by the hubby! Mine wasn’t sticky like shown in this recipe as I used less butter but it was actually really good, especially when eaten fresh and served with homemade vegan ice cream!

  • switch out sugar for brown sugar
  • switch out butter for a nut butter (I used coconut butter)
  •  I didn’t have a gluten free flour blend so I used a mix of coconut flour and cassava flour
  • add a teaspoon of chaga powder

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