August 18, 2020

My Eczema/Psoriasis Update: July- How My Body Has Changed Since Eating Better + A Quick Dairy-Free Sauce You Can Add to Almost Anything


I’m sharing it all – what I use, how I feel, and the change I’ve noticed with my body. And as always, new favorite products and foods that I’ve discovered and been loving! I always get excited when I find something new that I love that won’t make my skin flare up or make me feel worse over time – feels like I hit the jackpot every time! Just earlier this year, I couldn’t go to my local grocery stores to buy snacks if I was out and craving something. But now I’m noticing more vegan (the good vegan stuff – not the lab made stuff) friendly foods and it makes me feel so much better as it makes this lifestyle of trying to have the best body I can have SO MUCH EASIER. We, as a society, have believed in the industries for so long that we don’t take the time to research anything that we put into our bodies. It covers millions of shelves throughout the world and when we’re hungry or need new shampoo, we just go to a local store and grab something. Let’s take a little more care of our bodies and give it the best and cleanest food and products we can find. You will be amazed at the changes! Watch the video below to see how different I am today compared to this time last year. Psoriasis isn’t curable, they say? Psshhhttt. I beg to differ. It all starts with healing within.

Then & Now: Small but Mighty Progress!

How My Diet Changed:

2020 came around and I decided well…I need to get it together and avoid eating what makes my eczema and psoriasis flare up. The last few months of 2019, I kinda eased myself into it and in January I full on stopped eating nightshade vegetables, dairy, eggs, garlic, the whole shabang (it was tough but def possible). Of course though, I was getting close to depressed and frustrated because the list of food sensitivities that I got back from my blood work was insane. Like, no blueberries and bananas, what?! So yea, January was over and I eased back into eating all the fruits and veggies that I like (except for corn – it’s tough to find non gmo corn). I haven’t noticed any more flare ups after eating mashed potatoes and tomatoes so that was a good sign. As for gluten, dairy and eggs, that’s still a no-go and one thing that all good docs would agree on as thos efoods feed viruses in anyone. Obviously, I still eat it when we eat out sometimes and all but I have cut back a lot. So, to keep me from rambling, I’ll say this; eat organic when possible, read labels when grocery shopping and avoid all things “modified”, high fructose, canola/safflower oil, unnatural preservatives, etc. I’m seeing more stores begin to carry healthier options (hallelujah) and you can also check out Thrive!

New Faves That Help Me Stay On Track:

 Dairy-Free Chicken Sauce – You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve spent scrolling through Pinterest to find a plain and simple, yet good, sauce that I could eat and that my husband wouldn’t hate. Since I have changed my diet, I cook more with sauteed veggies in oil for brown pasta and usually don’t have any sauce for mashed potatoes since I liked it plain with a good side salad (and steak, of course). But one day, I wanted mashed potatoes (I make those dairy free too fyi) but I didn’t have time to defrost any meat (silly me, thought I could get my husband to go without meat for a few days, hah!) so I whipped out a can of chicken from the pantry (only the best kind, of course). If I couldn’t find anything online than I guess I’m gonna take matters into my own hands! Turns out…the sauce is delicious and super quick to make! Kinda just threw in what I got, in a way, haha. Will be trying it with pasta next 😉

>>>> In order for this sauce to be quick and easy you can use pre-cooked shredded chicken or canned chicken (I now get the Good Value brand canned chicken bc it’s made without antibiotics and has no unnecessary ingredients like corn starch) that you would saute in avocado oil for a few minutes. Add in a third of diced onion. When the onions are soft, add in a pureed tomatoe, and at least 1/4 of a cup coconut milk. Add in seasonings like garlic powder (or fresh), dash of paprika, dash of oregano, some dill, salt & pepper, turmeric, dash of ginger, and a dash of cumin. Let simmer then serve! You can add corn too but that’s optional. Enjoy!

This Dark Chocolate Truffle made with cashew milk – I COULD EAT THIS ALL DAY. 

Cauliflower Puffs – grabbed these to try from my local Publix and now I’ll be getting them as a staple snack for me! Good stuff.

Think Dirty App – to check if the product is clean, all you have to do is search and see! That’s how I figure out if a product is good for me or not – all you have to do is create a free account! You know how a lot of brands will say their clean? Weeellll….you’d be surprised. What used to be my favorite shampoo by Love Beauty and Planet (and what I thought was harmless) is actually red coded!

Press Play For How My Overall Health Has Changed + What I’ve Been Using:

I’m sure I didn’t cover everything, but if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out! ♥

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