April 7, 2020

My Eczema & Psoriasis Update: March – My thoughts on Fruit Intake + Finally Have a Dairy/Egg/Gluten Free Pancake Recipe and the Best Chocolate Ever


Whoops. I kinda cut back on being strict with my diet and started eating nightshade vegetables again which are supposed to be avoided for those who have autoimmune. But to be honest, I haven’t noticed a difference from eating tomatoes and gold potatoes again. Maybe it’s because I went more than a month without them and reintroduced them to a healthier body? I can’t tell you the answer. But after much consideration, after I got my Viome blood results back, the nightshade vegetables are on the same low sensitivity list as cucumbers, chicken, salmon, tomatoes, even dates, bananas, and garlic, etc  which are known to be super beneficial. So to say I’m conflicted and very overwhelmed is true. Right now, if I feel horrible after eating it, then that’s a sign that I should avoid it. If I don’t feel a difference, then I take that it’s okay if I have some. I don’t have it everyday, obviously I don’t want to overwhelm my gut. As for gluten and dairy, that’s def still a big no-no. I also still avoid eggs as much as possible, as baker’s yeast, chicken egg, cow casein, and cow milk are on my high sensitivity list as it would be for a lot who experience inflammation. As for fruits and veggies-things get more complicated and personal so what might work for one may not work for the other. I’ve tried to look into it more but I just got more confused and frustrated because they’re really isn’t a right answer but sooooo much false info. Studies just haven’t come that far so it’s up to us to figure out what is and isn’t right for our bodies. Pay attention to it. Easier said than done though so if you need a place to start, a food sensitivity and gut test might help! Just be careful on what they base their studies on. So yea, another confusing thing – that’s why I started eating nightshades again because one component may cause inflammation but there are 2+ components that may bring healing from those specific foods. I’m trying to learn about what my body hates vs. what it needs vs. what it wants.

Then & Now:

 You can click here for more pictures. You might notice that things look worse and sometimes it looks better. All part of the release and heal process – the skin flaring up is a way for toxins to release (and also if I ate something I shouldn’t) but I noticed that if all is good in the bathroom (sorry for the TMI but gotta) then I know my body is doing it’s thing. Click here for more info on that. If I had dairy or even fermented foods and my skin is now irritating me – I know it’s from the dairy and fermented foods.

Has Eating More Fruit Really Helped?

In all honesty, I should be eating more than I am but I have seen a good difference from consuming more smoothies and juiced fruit. Also, I take my heavy metal detox smoothie before I eat anything and mostly try to have fruit for breakfast/lunch or at least before a meal. Fruit is the one thing that I don’t have to prepare to eat and by the time I have my lemon water, wait 30 min, drink my celery, wait 15-30 min, take my heavy metal detox smoothie, I don’t even want to bother with making breakfast for myself, mainly because I have to start the day already! So I munch on fruit until I get hungry and have lunch or dinner. That’s my fruit intake of the day other than some juiced fruit if I want any with dinner. So to answer the question – fruit = good. I have felt much more replenished and satisfied from eating fruit over toast, muffin, cookies, whatever. My body automatically feels happier about fruit than anything else I eat – now that I have noticed. Sugar from fruit and your basic sugar you use to sweeten your coffee is NOT the same thing. The way I see it, God created fruit for us not against us (1 Tim. 4:3-4). But same thing goes here for what I said in the first paragraph of this post – what might work for my body, may not work for your body. For example, I went to get a facial one time and the lady told me that her fiance also has eczema and he figured out that if he eats fruit before eating his meal, he would not flare up and feel great. If he ate fruit after his meal, his eczema would be back. Apparently, it has something to do with how the fructose gets digested better on an empty stomach, rather than on a full so that’s something to think about. But also, fructose doesn’t feed pathogens like lactose or gluten. You may feel symptoms after eating fruit but that’s because your liver is detoxing and releasing toxins as it feeds off the fruit sugar to feed itself and restore.Try adding more fruit to your diet and see how you feel!

New Faves That Help Me Stay On Track:

  • The Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Pancakes: Yep, you heard that right. I can finally have pancakes and it’s not a gluten free pancake mix you buy that doesn’t even cook correctly (personal story, arrghhhh). I decided to pick the first recipe on Pinterest and I decided to just alternate the ingredients. Well – it was a winner and HUBBY SAID 5/5 will definitely eat again. Jackpot.

Recipe:  1 3/4 cups of cassava and oat flour, together (half & half)
               1 tsp. baking soda
               1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
                a dash of cinnamon
                2 tbsp brown sugar
                a dash of salt
                8 quail eggs (or 2 chicken eggs if you can have)
                1 1/4 cups cashew/coconut milk
                1/2 tsp  vanilla extract
Mix dry ingredients into bowl. Mix wet ingredients in another bowl, then combine with dry ingredients (idk why you need to do it in separate bowls but it’s a thing). Cook in olive oil on medium/high heat if not using a nonstick pan. 

  • HU chocolate: I used to hate dark chocolate – actually still do, depending on what kind it is. I always prefer milk chocolate but with me trying to avoid dairy, I can’t have milk chocolate on the daily. I tried HU (I get mine on Thrive), and I’m not lying when I say it’s like magic in my mouth. If you love dark chocolate, or hate it but can’t have milk chocolate-or can’t have chocolate with a lot of sugar- try this chocolate. It doesn’t have cane sugar, soy, sugars alcohol, vanilla extract, gmo’s, etc, etc. It’s da bomb dot com. Yes, I said that. My birthday’s coming up – anyone want to gift me a box of it? 😉
  • Torie & Howard Chewie FruitiesBecause candy. They’re similar to Starbursts and oh so yummy and guess what – I can have em (I get mine on Thrive)!!
  • Iced Papaya/Apple/Orange Juice: the best refresher. Oh yeah-and medicinal. I love to juice half a papaya, an orange or two, an apple or two, a little lemon juice and pour over a cup of crushed ice and add mineral water for some bubbles (optional). Add a fruit shishkabob with an umbrella and it’s like you’re on vacation, drinking a margarita.

A Look at My Food Journal:

B – lemon water, celery juice

L – heavy metal detox smoothie

D – plov (rice with veggies) with chicken, cucs, lemon water

S – fruit strip, strawberries, dark choc.

B – lemon water, celery juice

L – salad with chicken, air fryer fries, lemon water

D – baked potato hash w/ cuc/radish salad, papaya/grapefruit/apple juice (hm)

S – pear, applesauce, dark choc, cashew choc. icecream, 2 SmartSweets sugar peaches

B – lemon water

L – heavy metal detox smoothie & apple

D – rice w/ chicken drumsticks, salad, a little air fryer fries, lemon water

S – choc. chip cookie thins, Torie & Howard chewies

B – lemon water, celery juice

L – banana, apple

late L – beef stew

D –  baked potato w/ Publix chicken, salad, apple/orange juice

S –  apple, dark choc, coconut cookie (that had dairy) 

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