May 7, 2020

One Room Challenge: WK 1- A Calming, Modern Vintage Bedroom

House Remodel

I have been waiting for this moment long before I spontaneously signed up for the One Room Challenge, where many participants get the chance to get creative and support one another all during transforming a space. I’ve had ideas on how to design our master bedroom for the past year+ so the excitement is real! For the first time in my life, I will be having my very own room that will be completely furnished and finished just the way I like it (the hubby likes it too, of course!). Can you just imagine the happiness?! It’s clear that I believe creating a home you love is verrryyyyy important and if you don’t know why, just click here for a quick overview 😉

So – let’s talk master bedroom, shall we?

1. Before

Here you see two “befores.” The first picture is what our master bedroom looked like when we bought the house. We did renovations throughout the entire house before we moved in and as you can see from the second picture, we had replaced the flooring, updated the trim and baseboards, updated the ceiling fan, repainted all the things, and covered up the glued on wallpaper with tongue and groove (you can see how to do that in this post).

So pretty much all the basic remodel stuff…BUT that is NOT what turns a house into a home. We still have some ways go to for that, friend! Obviuosly, we have no furniture here and that issue needs to be resolved as I’m tired of sleeping in an unfinished room! It just doesn’t have that calming vibe, ya know? This rug actually belongs in the back lanai now and I got another one that was more suited for the overall design that I have in mind. We also have to finish painting to bring in that accent wall color to the rest of the room for things to feel more cohesive. 

Here’s what we have in mind:

2. The Goal

When I was trying to come up with a design plan for this bedroom (you can see how I did that here),  I was drawn to a specific design that created the perfect vibe for the master bedroom. 

It was cool, it was light and airy, yet warm and calm. I mean when you have a balance of all those things, that’s the best. You can check out the mood board here – can you imagine how different the room is going to look just by bring in different elements and pieces! Ooo baby – call me a nerd, idc! Better yet, I’m pumped to be making our own nightstands for this challenge! And it’s not going to be just “two legs and a top” kinda piece, no sir-y! We’ve got caning, we’ve got ash wood, we’ve got handmade knobs – alllll the good things. As for the rest of the room. we’ve got linen, we’ve got vintage, we’ve got clean lines, we’ve got brass, we’ve got …..sorry, what was I saying? I got sidetracked daydreaming about our new room just by writing that!  

*for more BTS of the master bedroom and what we’ve got so far, click on the Master highlight!

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