May 22, 2020

One Room Challenge: WK 3 – Making Our Linen Headboard + Painting What We Didn’t Want to Paint

House Remodel

We have a headboard!! I went back and forth a million times for supplies for the headboard but that’s all my fault – I did my research a little late, lol! Don’t do that. But other than that, making a headboard from scratch is honestly on the easier side of home DIY – like way easy if you get your measurements right and don’t need to attach it to anything hah (attaching the headboard is another story that I’ll save for the how to portion of making a headboard). Which thank goodness because I really needed a project to go right. That dresser really killed the vibe! You can read more about what happened, here. Speaking of, I feel sure on how we’re going to fix the blotchy stain on it – by painting it. Ugh, I know, ew, another painting project. But I do believe there’s a silver lining and I’m thinking a perfect beige color will do the trick. It’s not a crazy color that asks for attention but it isn’t white either. We already have the perfect amount of white in our bedroom that creates a vibrantly cozy feeling and I feel like one more white thing might be a tad bit too much. We’ll be getting to that this weekend but let’s talk about that headboard one more time so you know what I’m thinking in this head of mine!

Bed Talk:

Why I Chose Linen Fabric, The Design, & Why It’s All White

 It all comes down to this question that I asked myself: “What feeling to you want to create in this bedroom?”

Which is, by the way, the question you always need to ask yourself before you begin to furnish, refresh, or remodel. By answering that question, it can create a starting point for your space. 

So mine was this: I want it to feel lived in. Relaxed. Calm. Vibrant. Recharged. Simple and not cluttered. To be honest, I want alllllll my bedrooms to feel like this (Click here to see the mood board)!

That’s why I went with an all white linen bed. Linen has a beautiful way of wrinkling and making a space look lived in and totally casual. Not sure why, but the texture from linen also reminds me of the beach! Maybe because those ridiculously expensive yet amazing beach slipcovers are made from linen since it’s comfortable to wear in the heat. Either way, linen gives me those vibes!

Despite the fact that white has the ability to turn nasty and yellow overtime, I decided to take my chances anyway. I mean, whose got time to worry about that, right?! Well I’m not gonna lie, I should because my two men in the family sweat a lot throughout the night lol. But then again, that’s why I went with linen – it’s such a breathable fabric! We did make the headboard so that the cover could be removable and be washed – that was definitely a necessity because of you know what. As for duvet, sheets, pillowcases, that’s all white and washable too. White just has the power to do all those things I listed above when it’s done right! But don’t you worry, there will be color added to the rest of the room – you should know me by now 😉

I actually have just 2 purposes in the design of the headboard – I didn’t want it to be just a basic headboard with no detail and I wanted it to be wrinkled. Yep wrinkled – not crazy but ya know, a tad. It’s all about details friend, and a good wrinkled linen fabric can do that 😉 There are plenty of DIYs of a linen headboard (even linen slipcovers that you can order from Europe!) that I came across after I had the idea so I wanted to add my own spin on it. I explained how I wanted the headboard to look to my mother in law since she’s sewing the cover for me (I hope to learn how to sew one day on a less expensive diy!) and she actually had a pillow with an exact detail that I wanted! That made my explaining easier and she went right to work. Look out for a DIY video on how to make a headboard, soon after the ORC reveal!  

Also, if you ever need to cut your bed frame down, here’s an easy way to do it:

1. Mark 2. Cut 3. Smooth 4. Place Cap 5. Repeat 6. Done!

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