May 28, 2020

One Room Challenge: WK 4 – Our Dresser is Finished + 2 New DIY Projects


Oh my goodness, is this for real?! We have a dresser!! I’m sorry if this doesn’t sound like an accomplishment, but dang it, it is! We scored the dresser online, secondhand, many months ago. What was supposed to be an easy refurbishing project, turned into lots of frustrations and changing of plans, which I went into depth, here.  We used some leftover paint we had that matches our master rug and went with it for the dresser, accidentally gave the handles some “new life” with some rub n’ buff (it didn’t work like I was expecting it to but that’s okay, the handles look like they have real patina now lol), and even lined the drawers with leftover craft paper we had (it was supposed to leftover wallpaper that we had but sadly didn’t have enough). Oh yea, we even updated the trim, which you can see here! Makes such a difference, huh?! As for the color, I LOVE IT. On the dresser, in our room? Not the original look I was going for but once we have the rest of the room put together, I’m thinking it’s going to look good. Great even. Let’s hope, heh.

>> Well, actually!! Fast forward a few hours and a thought hit me. After we had placed everything on and placed it in the room, and I legit was laying in bed for the night, I had a thought that the dresser needed to be this color. Like, I was dead set on it that the next day, when this post was suppose to go live, I decided to switch things up. I decided to go for it and play with some paint we had in the garage. Using a mix of two tones of green, beige, terracotta clay, and even some water, I came up with the perfect shade that I had in mind. Obviously, it wasn’t that easy, it took me a good couple hours to test it out on a drawer in the room to get the shade just right. I originally wanted to use a white wash technique but I wasn’t liking the light color it created. Anyway, it’s 9pm now, the dresser is done, I’m about to publish this post to show you the peeks and an update on everything else! I’m so dang happy. I guess there can be such a thing as a silver lining when it comes to projects not working out the first 94879847609 times. 😉

*Check out BTS of all the shanenagins of the dresser and future projects for the master here, under ORC highlight ♥

Disguising Wall Hooks in our Bedroom As Art

 We have this issue, where my husband likes to leave his million work hats all over the house, I just plop my purse where ever because I don’t have a designated spot for it, and pile the unused bed throw onto Lucas’s crib or the floor (which won’t be there for long).

So what’s our solution for that (hopefully -.-)?!

Well, after obsessing over hooks that are like hundreds of dollars for the amount that I want, I switched gears. Completely, you could say. I came across this cool hook thing, and it sparked an idea. So yes, this wall piece is 100% inspiration. I mean I could buy it for 60ish bucks but I kinda don’t wanna, DIYer at heart, ya know. Well actually it’s more like,

 “Hey babe, we can easily make this, it shouldn’t be too hard…right? Or should I just buy it?”

Well, unless it’s a car part or a $5 item, Leo will 99.5% usually try to make it. So there’s that, hehe.


Sewing a Lumbar Cover to Bring in A Pop of Contrast

Have you ever seen those pictures of good looking bedrooms that have like a million pillows on the beds? Yea, don’t ask me what they do with those pillows, come bedtime. I tried that with just 3 decorative pillows in the guest room and they always ended up on the floor. Meh, I no like. I don’t like anything on the floor that’s not supposed to be on the floor. I ended up shoving those pillows in the closet and now have just one for the good looks.

So now that we’re working on our master, I was thinking what I could do to make our bed look inviting yet beautiful. Because majority of our room plans are bright and airy, I decided to look for a long lumbar pillow in a dark color with a vintage vibe to it that will create a flow of contrast with the rest of the design plans. A lumbar pillow looks great with your basic sleeping pillows and well, pillows can make or break a good looking bed. With my luck, I couldn’t find anything (what was I thinking) but I was set with what I had in mind. So of course, after some days of searching for the perfect cotton fabric, I FINALLY FOUND IT. Check it out, it’s totally affordable too (well compared to the other ones I was looking at)! I really, really, reallyyyyyy love it and I’m excited to have my mother in law help me sew a pillow cover. The only other thing I had to do was purchase a lumbar insert. No thank you to Target this time around, lol. 

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    Loving that beautiful hardware! Love the dresser color too. I found you while I was checking to see how everyone was coming along. 🙂