June 11, 2020

One Room Challenge: WK 6 – Building the Nightstands + Throwing in DIY Art

House Remodel

So here’s the story: many, many months ago, like over a year ago, I was looking for furniture to furnish our bedroom with. I did this thing where I found my top 5 or so favorite pieces of each type of furniture that we needed (ex: bed, nightstands, lamp, chair, & rug), placed onto Word, printed, and cut them out. From there, I played a little design game and created different types of mood boards with the different cut out furniture. Might seem like a lot of work but trust me, it’s totally worth it – and fun! If you think about it, it’s a lot easier than learning a fancy design software or something like Photoshop! So fast forward a year and some and here we are finally able to work on our master bedroom. Except now that my husband and I are pretty serious about furniture building and want to practice (and I want to design hehe), I decided to tweak the original mood board and take things into our own hand – less buying, more DIYing. I mean, in addition to the fact that I couldn’t find anything that I loved that wasn’t over our budget or of good quality. I wasn’t interested in another formica piece, ya know? Picky I know, but for good reasons! 

Well now here we are, building something that I know we will be proud of. If not proud, then we’re learning something, if ya know what I mean!  Right now, we’re about at the halfway point with our nightstands. What we have left is the backside piece, a shelf, and the doors. I’m hoping the rest will go smoother! We had to remeasure and adjust, fix irregular spacing, fix some crooked cuts, make up our minds about how to create the top piece, etc. You know how it is with DIY! Always something. But nonetheless, we’re trying to be committed here and the result just might be worth it. So far it is! Check out some pictures here. Video tutorial to be available after the reveal!

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Let’s Talk Final Details

Here’s the thing – me making something either means we’re broke, I can’t find what I want, or the last few thrift trips were a major fail. Sometimes it can be all 3 lol. So here I am trying to figure out how I want to finish up our master bedroom so that every detail is exactly as it should be. I’m talking about curtain/shade colors, art, personal pictures, jewelry catchers, pillows, etc. My MIL is making the pillow cover for me (check this post to see the fabric I picked), we purchased white roman shades for our narrow windows, I had some fun creating two little art pieces, I’m taking our Instax pictures out of storage to display them, making a wall hook feature (also can see here),  and making one more little but big thing that I’m not telling you about until after the reveal 😉 Oh yeah, and I still gotta plaster that side table I got from Target a year ago! I fell out of love with it and I figured I can turn that around with some elbow grease so that it could be perfect for a corner in our room. All these things matter when it comes to creating a lived in bedroom that isn’t just there to be staged – there’s personality in the final details! 

2 more weeks…2 more weeks until the reveal!! 

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  1. Annie says:

    This is so incredible you’re making the nightstands!! It’s going to look incredible! (And that’s exactly why we end up making things also hahaha)