June 18, 2020

One Room Challenge: WK 7 – Finishing ALL THE THINGS + One Thing I Actually Don’t Like To Do As A Designer But Have To


Well, I don’t have much to say other than the fact that I can’t believe it’s almost the end of June. And that means – it’s almost reveal day! We’re not finished but we are nearly there – nearly. I’m excited to pretty up the space and bring in some personality! To be honest, the little and final details always make me more nervous and worried than any other part of the process! Details can make or break a space so I worry just a tad bit about not having the right size art, or the right color of a vase, or not know what to put on the nightstands so it’s not just plain. I can design a space no problem but when it comes to the finishing touches, eerrrrrrrr, I can get a little too worried and overwhelmed about it. Trust me when I say that I will spend hours sourcing for the perfect things only to not be able to find much! I know, I know, I can just make a quick run to HomeGoods but still, I like to know all my options ya know? Plus, sometimes a quality piece wins over a cheap one. Because again – details can make or break a room! If I could just design furniture and an entire room but just pass on the baton when it comes to sourcing for that perfect bowl shape to place on the nightstand, then I’d 100% pass it on…if I find someone I trust though hehe. I actually talked about some of the things of what I’m doing for the final details of the room in this post

Click below for a quick recap of all that is getting us to a space that we can love and relax in. I can’t wait to show the reveal and create some cool tutorials for you. ♥



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