July 23, 2019

Our Surprisingly Colorful Laundry Reveal

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So after a few months of working and pausing and working and pausing again on the laundry, I can proudly say that it is finished! And let me tell you guys, it isn’t what I had planned but I couldn’t be more happier with the outcome! Our surprisingly colorful laundry has got me loving the use of color and even though, it took me FOREVERRRRRR to find the perfect paint color for the wainscoting (if you followed on Insta, than you know!), it was totally worth all the trial and error.

laundry before

I Love Neutrals, But I Steered Clear From It When Updating the Laundry

Reason being? I was ready for something different other than my all white kitchen, living room, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love the all white but it doesn’t scream ME. I thought it would, but as I am slowly trying to figure out my style and living in our half undone home, I’m learning that there is a lot more to simple, clean looks. I want BOLD, I want DIFFERENT, I want ME (and of course, my husband has to come to agreement too haha). I tend to reach for wood toned decor pieces when I thrift, those will for sure always hold a place in my heart. However, when we decided to finish up the laundry to 100%, it was my chance to try the whole color thing. It was kind of my experiment to create a fun and colorful laundry where I could feel happy to be in. Every one needs a laundry room where they could feel happy about doing laundry, am I right? Check out these awesome updates you can do to YOUR laundry room for that reason exactly!

So fast forward to when it was time to pick out colors for the laundry wainscoting, I wanted a yellow hue, then changed my mind to terracotta colors, then maybe some light green hues. Our cabinet color was already an aloe/minty green color and I really didn’t want to repaint them so I thought maybe I can get by with one of the colors mentioned above. Turns out that I just really needed to get over it and paint the cabinets too in order to be 100% happy with my color choice! So when I got it out of my head that I needed to find a color that will go with aloe green,  I finally came across a paint color that my husband and I both loved. Mossy Gold by Sherwin Williams was the winner. It didn’t scream with any popular green color that most people paint with and it sure  didn’t say light and basic. If I ever wanted to style the laundry with neutrals or different colors, the Mossy Gold color would fit right in (don’t let the online color fool you, because that looks like straight up brown). Here’s another example of the paint color that convinced me!


I have always found this piece to be beautiful with awesome colors and even before we had our wallpaper up, it hit me. This art piece is the perfect popping piece to the laundry which later actually inspired me to paint the gold frames half yellow and half blue. Which than made me decide to leave the flowers out of the gold frames and just leave it empty, with the wallpaper showing through! It didn’t make sense to me to have a watercolor piece and a non watercolor piece in the same eye view. Color designing gone right!

I published a post on how to create a frameless art piece WITHOUT spending tons of money and WITHOUT printing it on foam (which is the only thing print shops usually offer). 

My Thoughts on the Concrete Counter

All I can think about after installing this DIY concrete counter is this…WHY OH WHY, did we decide against it for the kitchen?! Guys. It’s THAT good! I originally wanted a white concrete counter for the laundry, but midway through , I changed my mind and went with the original concrete color (this was still when I thought we were going to use the bumblebee wallpaper). I decided that there is nothing wrong with original and the texture could bring in the perfect amount of raw rustic to the laundry room! Turns out I was right, because despite the different wallpaper design, it still looks great. However, there were a few troubles we had with the counter and installing it check out the post here (video included)!

I Had to Change the Wallpaper Design, Last Minute

I have been planning on using a vintage inspired wallpaper with little gray bumblebees for above the wainscoting since the beginning of starting this project. It was the perfect design for the laundry and when I went to order, well…let’s just say don’t trust me to calculate anything that involves numbers and non-American money, lol! I seriously still don’t know what went wrong, because even before I was settled on the wallpaper, I MADE SURE it was something that was in our budget. The wallpaper company is based in England so I had to calculate euros to dollars and turns out, I was waayyy off! Shame, because this wouldn’t have been my first European transaction. It turned out to be over our budget and so we had to give that idea up and move on to something else. Which turned out to be okay because this peel and stick wallpaper is actually from Target and turned out to be so much more affordable! Hooray for no mud plastering either! Our wainscoting is in a horizontal design so naturally, my husband suggested we put the wallpaper up vertically. I, of course, disagreed and wanted the wallpaper design to be horizontal also. It was just another case of me trying to be different, hah! And it actually makes the laundry room feel so much bigger with the wallpaper going around the walls horizontally so no mind changing here!

  Hint, hint: we have textured walls and it involved NO mud plastering and NO sanding! You can find a step by step video here.

behind the door after

So Did the Color Experiment Go Well?

You better believe it did! Despite the many changes, our surprisingly colorful laundry reveal is a hit at our house. Let me know in comments on what you think! And scroll on below to take a glance at some befores and the in betweens. It makes me so happy to create a space of color that screams more ME. And that’s not even all, but the fact that the wainscoting is horizontal instead of vertical, the wallpaper follows the horizontal design, the pink art print makes the perfect statement, etc. It’s also all in the details, my friends. When you focus on the details when designing your home, that is what will make it more you and more one of a kind. If you want to know more about how to add color to your home without the need of painting, check it out here.


laundry before

colorful laundry

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