May 9, 2019

Save Money: 5 Simple Steps in Finding the Best Price When Shopping Online for Home Accessories


I am currently trying to find a plug-in sconce for the living room and was thinking to create some sources for some of the ones that I loved that came with an amazing price. BUT THEN, I had an even better idea. What if I just showed you how I shop online and KNOW that I didn’t overpay and got the best price out there! And the best part? The process works well beyond the lighting area. You ready for me to show you? It’s as easy as 1-2-3…4-5. ūüėČ

1. Pull up Google Search Bar

  • In Search, type in what you are looking for¬†

2. Take A Look at the Shopping Tab For More

  • ¬†This tab can be very useful if you’re not 100% sure what you are looking for
  • You can scroll in the Google Shopping tab to find even more similar products to the description that you typed into the search bar and that might’ve not popped up on the All tab

3. Copy the Product Name to Compare

  • Find the product you like, whether it’s from a specific website you clicked on or the Shopping Tab¬†
  • ¬†Copy the name and type the specific name into the Google Search Bar and you will find all the different retailers that sell the same product, sometimes for more and sometimes for less
  • Scroll through and see which company sells it for the best price or even offers an additional discount

4. Don’t Forget to Try Amazon!

  • Even after you type in the product name in Google,¬† always do the same in Amazon
  • Amazon can sometimes offer EVEN BETTER PRICES and with AMAZON PRIME so you don’t have to wait long for the product to arrive (as seen below, compared to the Walmart price above)

5. Make Your Final Decision

  • Sometimes you won’t find a better price on Amazon and sometimes you won’t even find another retailer that sells the product¬†
  • But it’s is all about finding the product that you love and knowing that you will pay the best price for it
  • ¬†And of course, be happy with your final decision¬†

Simple, right? This is my way of shopping online for anything that I want to purchase for the house. I realized that sometimes a certain retailer will charge more for an item just because they are a big, well-known company that could be considered a “better brand.” When in all honestly, they purchase from the same wholesaler as some other smaller company. So for whatever you are shopping for online, home accessories or not, I hope these 5 little steps of research will help you in the future! We all live differently, so sometimes every little penny counts. <3

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