handcrafted differently


First thing is first: Hey! We do our best to create something worthy and  beautiful out of any offcuts that otherwise would've been thrown out. It makes every piece we make to be unique in it's own way and now, with a purpose! Which if you're anything like us, it makes it totally worth it. Personally, we've gotten a little overwhelmed with the way this generation is all about quick mass production, which in result produces products that lack quality and character and might I say, still expensive with lots of waste? Oh, and totally forgot to mention the toxic part. So much so that we've decided to not keep our talents to ourselves anymore and want to create something different.
Eco-friendly, non-toxic, handmade, newly-designed, and customizable?! You got it. Each piece we offer and customize is designed & handcrafted differently to create good moments within our homes - moments that otherwise might have been lost and understated.
                                                 -Gloria, Creator of hdi

ft. the
Luki stool

ft. the Billie board

ft. the
Robyn board

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           made to order, eco-friendly, with non-toxic finishes.

ft. the Milo stool


Rillie's long shape and dramatic handle makes for serving a loaf of bread look good on the table. When not in use, simply display on your kitchen wall.


Each hole is a different size so that it can be used for all kinds of different herbs. Wire brushed and slightly imperfect for a vintage-inspired look that can be displayed in the kitchen.


The Jessa plant stool is very versatile but it does look very good with greenery atop of it. Can also place beside a bed to use as a nightstand, especially where a conventional nightstand won't fit. 


The perfect way to display favorite plates on your kitchen shelf or counter. This vintage inspired dish rack was specifically designed to look perfectly imperfect by the use of a wire brush to the base.


Quirky, curvy, and totally necessary. Robyn is the perfect sized cutting board to always have on the counter. Not necessarily labeled as a cutting board though so feel free to style on your coffee table.


Pieced together then routered to create a minimal pattern and shape, the Billie board is perfect to use for larger events or as a comfortable cutting board. Hang on your kitchen wall when not in use.


Because the shape is modern and minimal, we made this specifically with rough wood to show true, natural character in order to bring warmth into a space.


The perfect board for all the snacks that you like on your charcuterie - unless you need to use it for cake, that's cool too. With its round shape and beautiful grain, Lis looks good on the wall, on the shelf, or simply leaning.


The Luki stool was specifically designed to be narrow yet sturdy for smaller spaces. Lightweight yet the perfect size for a toddler to use and move around when needed. Place up against a wall or cabinet when not in use.


Little and chunky, the Milo stool works and looks great in many situations. Roughly textured and stained the perfect shade, as if found at the antique shop. Use as a step stool, milking stool, riser, or plant stand.


A small but mighty statement for you and your guests. The Lane board brings a modern element to your kitchen and table with its unique shape and size.


A fun display stand for a favorite hat. Painted a dark ruby red, it's the perfect pop of minimal color. Style it atop of a dresser, nightstand or the entryway console table for functionality and decor.