December 17, 2018

Simple & Inexpensive Backdrop for Any Occasion


   Hey guys! I wanted to add this post to the blog because I know that hosting a birthday party can get expensive. Usually there is some kind of backdrop involved and I wanted to show you that it does not have to be expensive nor a lot of work! It was my baby’s big one and even though he won’t remember the day, I wanted him to be able to look back at the pictures and realize just how much he means to all of us. To be honest, the idea of writing a poem kind of just came to me in the middle of the night and I lay there writing it out in my notes on the phone. It was something that came from the heart, as little know that we had a prophesy about our little boy even before he was conceived. The theme “You can move mountains” was beyond perfect and so that’s how I started the little poem for Lucas. It may seem silly, but just imagine how it can change his life when hes hit a bump in life and reads this little poem that I wrote him to use as a backdrop many years ago.  Its all about the little things, right?

   So if you would like to make it personal and genuine for someone you love, this simple backdrop is perfect. The first step is to write the appropriate message that you would like them to read. Then, below is a list of what I used to put it all together. Keep in mind that this can go in SO many different ways. You can use different paper or even wood, paint instead of pastel, add garland to the rope, etc. Personalize it to the party’s theme! 

   *This post is on my own and the links I added are not affiliate links but are there for your help only.

   So what I did was spread out the paper roll onto our dining table and wrote out the poem with a pencil first just in case it came out too small or too big for where I wanted to write it. Then over that, I used to pastel pencil. Beware, if your message is long then your hand will cramp! lol. Mine came out a little crooked but I didn’t think to use a ruler to keep it straight until after! I don’t always think like I should. In fact , my husband was the one who told me to write with a pencil first haha. And I STILL messed up in some places! But oh well, it still looked perfect. 😉 I wanted it to look written anyway, that’s why I used the pastel pencil. If you use that, be careful as to not smear the black stuff all over. 

   After I had my message written on it, I used the rope to hang it. I put it in the tube and made sure both sides of the rope were even so that the backdrop would be even.

   I tied a knot at the top and then tied it again to give it this look and then put it onto a small nail that was placed on the wall with the hammer. Make sure you know where to put the nail in beforehand so that you don’t end up with a bunch of holes in your wall just because of a bad guess! Use a tape measure if you need to. Once you have it hung, put the tape on like in the picture above. That way the roll does not unroll by itself at a random time. 

   If you look closely, you can see the nail just barely visible underneath. Its little but it held the paper roll just fine. 

   There you have it! So simple right? Yet, so perfect for any occasion. It can be decorated for a birthday party, bridal, anniversary, etc. Even a smaller version of this could be used as a wall decor in your home, with whatever you’d like written on it! If you all are going to use my poem for any occasion please mention me and tag me if you will ever do this so I can see your ideas!

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