September 4, 2020

Vintage Inspired Table Setting + Picnic For Any Occasion (easy & beautiful bouquet tutorial included!)


A late night walk in to Publix and now we’re here, a styled table setting and a vintage inspired picnic photo shoot! I love when ideas roll this easily, don’t you? Anyway, as much fun as this was to put together (and thanks to Article for trusting me!), I hope the info is just as valuable for those who need creative ideas for a special get together. Below, I have a video on how I put together the bouquet with some basic floral tips I always use, how I set a table with multiple styling tips and what I used, plus more vintage inspired photos that could inspire your next date! 

Let’s check it out below, shall we?


  • flowers: baby breath and one or 2 other flowers of choice
  • basket bowl or similar
  • bowl for water to place in basket
  • scissors
  • fabric with vintage inspired pattern
  • plain table runner
  • linen napkins
  •  vintage inspired dinner and/or dessert plates
  • utensils
  • stem glasses/water cups
  • 2+ different kinds of candle holders at different heights w/ candles
  • napkin holders (optional)
  • food/snacks and drink (duh!)

*Click here for a 15 second video of the entire set up!

1. Make Your Bouquet

I got all my flowers from the Publix grocery store for a whopping 20 bucks. I had no idea what kind of bouquet I wanted to make so I kinda just checked out the selection to see what I could do. I spied the baby breath and instantly got this idea of creating a bouquet of a bunch of baby breath + a fun contrast color to create a vintage styled vibe. Watch the video above to see me put it together! This will most likely be a favorite bouquet I will ever put together.

2. Layer the Fabrics

I styled our new and modern dining table to look less “modern” by adding two layers of fabric. My first layer was a big remnant piece of cotton fabric that has a vintage inspired pattern on it that I placed diagonally. My second layer was a simple black table runner that I placed on the table short ways so that it would ground my bouquet in the center. Keep in mind that layers can make or break a table setting!

3. Set the Table

Because my table is black and both of the layers that I used on the table are black, I brought in some contrast with the bouquet that I placed in the middle and used white vintage dinner plates that I had thrifted awhile back. Because my dinner plates had a pattern to them, I opted for plain dessert plates. Add cups (and stem glasses if you wanna go all out), silverware, and of course, linen napkins. I already had napkin holders so I used them as the color matched the black and brown color from my fabric perfectly. Then, add a little bit of candles with different heights! No matter what I’m styling, I always like to bring in at least 3 colors, not counting black or white or even metals/woods (I’m a color lover). In my case, I have brown from the pattern on the fabric and my napkin holders, blue from the pattern on my dinner plates, and pink from the pink daisies in the bouquet. When all styled together, it just makes sense and makes things look a lot more interesting. The trick is to not be too overpowering with the different colors!

4. Add Food + Company

But the best part of all: good food and good company! Because the table can only hold so much, I always prefer to set appetizers, nuts and fruit, or bread with butter on the table and have all the other dishes elsewhere as a buffet style. Otherwise, things get too cluttered and moved around on the table and all your hard work to set a fancy table just goes out the window. Trust me, I know how it is! Sometimes it’s nice to have a fancy get together, ya know? It breaks the “usual” up a little!

Orrrrr Have a Picnic (+Photoshoot bc it’s gonna be CUUTTEE)

But I mean like, for real. When you set up a cute picnic like this, ya just gotta have a photoshoot! Whether it’s a romantic date or an outing with the girls 😉 

I just had a lot of fun styling and shooting and spilling chardonnay all over the place with no one but my 2 year old and dog around, hahahaha

You can simply set up your fabric/table cover in your backyard with bouquet in hand, to escape the daily norm and have a nice picnic outdoors. We all need to feel special every now and than, right? What better way to do it than with good company and a cute set up. Now that’s my love language 😉 But you already knew that! ♥


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