February 7, 2019

What to Get That Guy for Valentines Day + A Sappy Confession


Woohoo its Valentines day soon! Or should I say, laaaammmeeee. I have nothing against a romantic date and some flowers and chocolate so sign me up! In fact, every relationship needs a day like this every now and than (that means us too, Leo). Haha but February 14 is an internationally recognized holiday and a very nice reminder to us who have been sucked in by everyday family and working life. Take a break! Go out and enjoy one another’s presence because in the end, when we are on our death bed, isn’t that what counts? All the moments and quality time you spent together laughing and crying over dinners, late night talks, beach days, car rides with all the windows down and music blasting, singing without a care in the world. You guys, THOSE ARE THE MOMENTS THAT COUNT. I hate to be so honest and straight to the point but it is 100% true. Valentines day doesn’t have to always be all sappy or cheesy and overrated. All relationships need a day of reminder to go out and spend some quality time together, us included. The fact that Valentines day is an international holiday just helps with the idea. Spending quality time together was how we fell in love with each other in the first place, wasn’t it? Sorry guys, getting a little teary eyed over here. It kills me to see a happy marriage fall apart because they forget to spend time together in the middle of the impossible, never-ending chaos. Divorce has always been one of my biggest fears because society has made it normal to break up a relationship and family, instead of putting effort into the person you fell in love with in the first place. So this Valentines day, or any specific day, I encourage you to take a break from your every day life and remember why you fell in love in the first place. β™₯


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On more happier terms, I want to talk about the kind of gifts you can give your guy on Valentines day. Sorry guys, but girls are A LOT easier to shop for! So this one is going to be for the ladies who need some inspiration and ideas because not a lot of men want flowers. It’s just the way it is! So I have different ideas for all the different men in the world. Fashion, car addict, DIYer, sporty, sentimental, you get the point! 

“What in the world do I get a guy for Valentines day? Flowers and chocolate too? Hah, that’s weird. Or nothing at all? Or should I make something! But will he even appreciate it?”

So here it goes.

1. A One Night Staycation


Pick a day when both of you will be available from work or the kids and surprise him with a nice one night stay at a hotel downtown, not too far away from home. Stay up all night talking or wake up earlier to catch breakfast somewhere before your busy lives have to start all over again. Take this one night staycation and make the best out of it!

2. Framed Wedding Vows or Sentimental Letter


When was the last time either of you read your vows or old love letters to each other? On your wedding day 5 years ago or? When you organized the closet last year? Dig them up , frame them and give it to your significant other and let him know that nothing has changed, that you are still head over heels for him. Having them framed and hung will remind both of you that no matter how hard life gets, you made promises to each other and you’ll do your very best to stay true to them.

3. Fedora Hat or a Favorite Team Baseball Cap


I would buy my husband like 13987 fedora hats because he would look so darn sexy in em. Just sadly, he won’t want to wear them and there go 13987 hats to waste. But if your man is into fashion and loves to wear them (or if you want to buy his first one so you can make him wear it), than it’s a great idea! Or you can get him a simple baseball cap with his favorite team logo on it. Either one works, as long as he’s happy right!? Oh wait no..it’s happy wife, happy life πŸ˜‰ hah. 

4. That Car He’s Obsessed With


Okay, don’t buy an actual whole car (unless you absolutely want to) for him but if your man is a car guy…well car guys love car parts. For whatever reason, they have a habit of collecting antique car parts or have parts from their first car, or they found a part from a car they want one day. They just simply don’t want to part ways with their currently useless car parts no matter how many times you tell him to declutter the garage. So if this is your man I just described (I definitely did with mine) then go out and find an old part from his favorite car that he keeps mentioning nonstop. This might involve some digging in a junk yard (or have someone do it for you) but imagine the look on his face when you give it to him! And maybe with a little cheesy message scratched on there also, his heart will explode with excuses that you are just too good for him. Which lets be honest, us gals love to hear that πŸ˜‰

5. A Wooden Ring


Isn’t it the coolest thing ever? Instead of the ordinary wooden watch, get him a wooden ring! Or both, whatever works for you. It’s the perfect gift, especially if he already worn out his wedding ring by never taking it off at work. I actually got my husband one for Christmas a few years ago and he loves it! Majority of them can even have customized engraving on the inside, which makes it that much sweeter to gift. Sometimes my husband forgets to switch it out but when he has it on, I’m like whoa is this my mighty fine husband? Whatta hipster πŸ˜‰ 

Press on the link below to see which one I got for my husband. Hint, hint: it is SO affordable and it’s all natural!

A Customized Wooden Ring

6. Some “Joey Love” Coupons


Ya’ll might laugh at this, but I’m being 100% serious! If you laughed at this, than you know what I’m talking about πŸ˜‰ It’s a scene from the Friends show where Joey doesn’t know how to give women gifts so he gives them some “Joey love” coupons for when there is a special occasion. If you’re still flustered about what to get him than by all means these coupons will work perfectly! Obviously it will be your own version of it, but lets just keep that between you and him, shall we? 

7. Concert/Game Tickets


Who doesn’t love a good show? Getting tickets for the two of you to go see a game or a concert he’s always been a fan of doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Even if it’s something that you aren’t a big fan of, relationships are all about compromises right? At least this gives ya’ll a chance to get out of the house and enjoys each others company. He just might love you even more because by gifting him tickets, it’ll remind him just how lucky he really is. 

8. The Book About A Successful Businessman

To be specific, I’m talking about the Handcrafted book by Clint Harp. If you have ever seen Fixer Upper, he’s the craftsman who brings a lot of Joanna’s decor ideas to life. If your man is into woodworking and building things or even just wants to start his own business, this is the perfect gift to inspire him to do that! To be honest, I can’t wait to read this book myself! I’ve heard great things about it. You know me, I love things like this πŸ˜‰ Anyone want to send me a copy while you’re at it? 

Press on the link below to see where you can purchase this book. Hint, hint: It’s on major sale right now!

Handrafted: A Woodworker’s Story 

9. A Laser Level


A laser level? What is this for? Well ladies, this is a magic power tool that helps him hang your frames on the walls that much easier. Or anything else really. It sticks to the wall and shows a laser beam to show you where to hang things and make sure they’re perfectly perfect. Leo if you’re reading this, pretend you’re surprised when I give it to you. You’re the one who inspired me to add this to the list, Mr. Perfectionist. Still love you though. πŸ˜‰

You can purchase one through the link below. Hint, hint: it does a lot more than just make sure you have level frames!

Ryobi Laser Level


10. A Video Of Miniclips


I saved the best for last! Create a sentimental video from the video clips you recorded on your phone throughout your years together. You can easily download an app you like where you create and edit videos like this. Or do it professionally, completely your choice! Either way, this is a fun and sentimental gift that I’m sure the both of you will cherish forever. It might even be better than your wedding video πŸ˜‰ Maybe. But if it brings a tear or two when he watches it, do I get brownie points? I woudn’t mind opening the door to a UPS guy handing me box of brownies, hehe. 

There you have it, a sappy confession and a Valentine gift guide that doesn’t include chocolate, a stuffed bear and roses (although, he might not mind the chocolate).You might think this is a corny holiday but to be honest, it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s on Valentines day or the day after, make sure the two of you enjoy time together where you can learn, grow, and remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. 

P.S: To all who do not have a significant other…I’m sure there is someone who you care about who has been waiting to spend some time with you. Even if it is your mom! She gave you life, she deserves flowers too πŸ˜‰ 

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