April 13, 2020

White Ceilings Galore? Not Anymore! Check Out These Painted Ceilings

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So you know that our linai is bigger than the average size. After updating the dining area part, the other side of the linai hasn’t been able to receive as much love. I thought, you know what I can do? Paint that darn ugly aluminum part of the ceiling. I’ve been wanting to do that for who knows how long and then I had a thought – what if I paint it a non neutral color? That got me pumped. The entire linai is white and black and some gray and this is the perfect opportunity to bring in some color! Crazy idea, I know, but hey that’s meeee, lol. But guess what – these people below can back me up 😉

Check out these super awesome rooms that have been transformed with different versions of a  painted ceiling! Now….what color would I choose??

* click on image to go to the source.

Woah,  now this is a hallway. Who said hallways have to be boring? Not Jeff Trotter. I love how the ceiling color was continued onto that back door, disguising the fact that this hallway seems like a collection of just a bunch of doors. I mean, that’s basically what a hallway is but let’s take in this inspo and see where we can use this concept in our home!

 What a closet! It looks like you’re walking into a millionaires closet, right?! And that’s simply because of the bold color choice! Did you notice how the ceiling was painted just a few shades lighter than the rest of the closet!? Genius.

 I’m in love with the fancy molding and the medallion. And the blue/green ceiling?! UGGHHHH, what’s not to love. The fact that the color was continued partially on the walls, underneath the trim moulding, makes it even more perfect. It’s just not something one would normally think about, but my what a detail it adds to the space!

You know how I painted our master bedroom by only painting 70% of the lower part of the walls? Well, check this out! Painting the ceiling and continuing the color by painting 30% of the top of the walls is a thing too! It’s not a popular look but it totally can be, because look how much less bland this room is! It just wouldn’t have looked as cool if everything was white, am I right? And look at that trim piece that separates the colors – my husband has been begging me to do that to Lucas’s room and ours simply because he claims that’s what a carpenter’s mind wants. I would for sure let him if we didn’t have an accent wall but we do and it doesn’t make sense to just trim it off on 3 walls…at least I’m not convinced yet! Hah.

 Going more subtle is also an option. I love how the light pink ceiling balances out the masculine furniture pieces.

 The source of this image highlights the exposed brick but I’m more into that blue ceiling! Everything in here has patina and a vintage look to it but then BAM – that blue ceiling tells you otherwise. It brings in a modern element to the space with the bold color and clean lines and frankly, I’m not against it. You gotta have balance, right?

Want to paint the ceiling and the beams all one color? No problem!  It’s definitely different, isn’t it?

 Possibly one of my favorites – the room and color. Actually, if you go to Jenny’s Insta, you’ll see why. This entire room is painted in one color and the room has no doors – so when you look at it from the other end of the house, the color pops out and it’s beautiful! For sure, more dramatic than if it was white or beige or what not. Sometimes going colorful is the best choice, see why here! It’s actually one of the reasons why I want to paint the aluminum ceiling in the linai a non nuetral color – simply because it brings so much interest to the space! Or like Jenny did here, don’t be afraid to paint the entire space one color. You can paint the trim moulding in the same color as the walls and have it in a different sheen – that’s another option!

Did you really think that I was going to miss a good ol’ black ceiling? Of course not! Black ceilings are just as great as white ceilings and PRO TIP – it can actually make your space feel larger. It’s crazy that most think that light colors are the only answers to make a room feel bigger but that’s far from true. It just all depends on the lighting, the amount of other “blacks” in the room, etc. In fact, I actually thought that by adding black beams in the linai dining area, it would make the space feel smaller (that didn’t bother me so we still installed them). Well guess what – they got installed and stained an it felt faaarrrrrr from smaller out there. It magically felt more grand. There’s a bunch of science behind it lol. So black ceilings? Yes, please! We will be painting a ceiling black somewhere in the house but shhhhhhh…not just yet 😉

 Natalie from Home Ec Interiors is the queen of bold and bright. In fact, her green ceiling in the living room is what caught my attention and I knew I must follow her! She’s not afraid to lean into color no matter what the space or area. You have to check out her Insta because she has more rooms in the house with awesome ceilings – one of them being a similar color that I have been considering for the linai ceiling 😉

Painting the walls and the ceiling the same color isn’t unheard of – In fact, sometimes it can totally upgrade a space as it makes things feel more cohesive. Also, hallways in general are usually a light color since they’re known to be darker areas in the home. This hallway is definitely not that – the blue/green ceilings and walls contrast perfectly with the white baseboards and door casing. That sunlight pouring in also makes things less “stark and dark” and I think it’s quite magical! That image below is from the same home and YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE A PAINTED BATHTUB. Perfection, from the black ceiling to the vanity and floors.

Anyone else ready to paint their ceilings?!

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