December 3, 2019

You Don’t Need a Store to Make these Beautiful Christmas Wreaths + My Own DIY


But for real, you really don’t need to go to the store and buy an expensive and fake Christmas wreath.  These examples below are beautiful wreaths that you can make with either very little money spent or with none at all. As long as you have floral wire, you are all set to go! And these are far more realistic and beautiful than any store bought one! 

And to prove it, I made two wreaths using what I already had and with random clippings from my yard…and believe me when I say, I hardly have any around me that aren’t palm trees! I was being serious when I said I didn’t want to spend any money on Christmas decor this year, so I took the challenge upon myself to make of what I had. Scroll to see below!

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All it takes is bare branches and contrasting clippings of plants or greenery – no need to use a wire wreath here as a base. Irregular is sometimes cooler! 

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Clippings from your Christmas tree or a garland can also turn into a wreath! Just add magnolia leaves – or something similar.

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Oranges, cinnamon sticks, and pinecones – you have that right? But if you don’t, all that is budget friendly! 

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Look how beautiful! And it doubles as a calendar for the month of December to count down the days till Christmas. 

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You don’t need much greenery clippings for this look – just add bells onto an embroidery hoop!

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Whoever thought of a hanger wreath is a genius. It looks like this is specifically for wreaths as it’s shaped into a circle, but using a regular hanger works just as well! 

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Wrap a hoop with twinkle lights, add some greenery clippings, and you’re good to go! 

A bunch of greens and some irregular branches make for a great statement wreath!

Dried florals are just as beautiful and bring warmth into a space.

Not all wreaths have to be round. In fact, I made this wreath with spray painted branches, dried plants, faux greenery, and kinda just bunched it all together and added some bells!

rustic christmas wreath diy

I made this wreath in under an hour and although it’s not perfect, it’s still beautiful and totally free! I just used decor such as bells and the paper ribbon that I had from previous years. And also, none of these clippings were from a Christmas tree –  instead, I used my yard! Just make sure the stems can withhold not having water! Or spray with water.

*check out behind the scenes on Insta under Christmas 19 highlights!

Last years clearance Ikea wreath made this years simple but pretty, lit up wreath! Just add a branch and a ribbon. Or just a ribbon. Or nothing!

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