April 28, 2020

Your Guide to Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis with AllModern

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 The weather is getting warmer, the weather is getting warmer!! Or at least it will be soon – I’m sorry to all the people up north still getting random snowfalls. But you better believe that this summer, we’re going to do all things outdoors as much as possible after well…you know, being told to stay indoors, forcing us to cancel all beach and vacation days for 98236535098+ days. But hey, let’s take it as a blessing in disguise, okay?

Because now – because now, we will take matters into our own hands and make our own little outdoor oasis, at our own place. We’ll be ready for you, Summer!

[Have you been following along on Insta stories on the little but major differences we’re adding to our back linai? It’s going to be so goooddddd! Hint: it includes a painted ceiling + herb garden + the perfect art piece + a DIY stool. Fun stuff!!]

I have here, a guide on how you can create your own little outdoor oasis with pieces from AllModern. After they reached out to me, I sourced and created this mood board just for you and let me just tell you – I need me another house! I LOVE the vibe of all these pieces grouped together in a space and the great thing about it is that even if you don’t have room for that sofa or that chaise, or even the coffee table, it’s still going to look inviting and so good. So, let’s get to the tips and see why I chose these pieces to create your very own perfect outdoor oasis.

1. Always Think About Function/Use

This is kind of an obvious but can also easily be missed. Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish in the space? What will you be using it for? What is the vibe that you want? What can you do with the amount of space you have? Who will be using the space? Do you entertain often? You always want to create an area that isn’t just there to fill up space – you want it to be used on a daily basis, right?

>> I selected a good sized sofa that can be used for seating a few people, however also included a chaise to makes things a little more casual. I envisioned a lush backyard, possibly with a pool (even if it is just a blow up!) that gets a lot of sun throughout the day. Not far off from the house, there’s a perfect little area by the rose bushes that would make for the perfect outdoor lounging. An area where you could catch some rays and read a good book during the day but in the evening have a deep conversation and tea with some friends. 

2. Break Up Sets for Some Personality

To bring in some more personality and interest into an outdoor space, I like to break up sets. A lot of times you can purchase an outdoor set that comes with seating, a coffee table, and even a dining table and chairs in the same style. When everything is matchy-matchy, it’s like oh okay cool, you went to Rooms To Go and got it all together for a deal. But then in a year or two you’re getting tired of it and you want something different. Who has purchased a set before and within some time you’re like uggghhh, I’m ready for something new! I say, mix it up! When you mix it up and bring in different styles, you can moves things around, maybe buy a new chair or table instead of a whole other set. Trust me, when you bring in some personality into the space, you don’t get so tired of it. Instead, every new day, you can say “Ahhh (with a coffee in hand), I love what I did here.” 

>> That’s another reason why I went with a sofa and a chaise and then added a rattan chair to the mix. The chaise adds another use (tanning anyone?) to the space. And gosh, I’m obsessed with that rattan chair because it just completes the space! Not cheap, I know, but I still added it to give you an idea. I didn’t want to add another wooden chair because personally, that would’ve been too much of the same already and that takes away some interest. 

3. Add Raw or Patina Elements

Not everything has to be new. I love adding vintage here and there, whether big or small. Most times, it’s hard to come by a good vintage piece though. A new item that patinas or raw elements like greenery and stoneware can completely transform your outdoor space, believe it or not. It brings in more character and makes the space feel less bland. Remember, we are aiming for an oasis, not a room with a sofa and two chairs, and a rug. 

>> I added the clay planter to the mix, because it’s a good size and not perfectly new, ya know? It has some patina on it because of it’s natural material and you can obviously use it to add more greenery! Those side tables also work great, not because they’re just beautiful pieces, but because they have a raw antique nickel finish on them. They also have a unique shape to them that pairs great with the “square” sofa. One of my rule’s of thumb for designing a great space is that you don’t want everything to have the same shape. 

4. Add a 3rd or 4th Color

Another one of my rule’s of thumb: bring in another color. That’s the main reason why I decided to paint the ceiling in our linai! Everything was black and white and the space was missing that extra thing – color!  I actually do this with my clothes too so I sense a pattern! It doesn’t have to be bold or it can be bold – that’s completely you’re preference.  If you’re not a fan of color than add in different shades of neutrals!

>> You can see below that the outdoor space that I came up with doesn’t have a lot of color. Reason being was because I imagined this set up outside, next to pink roses, possibly on some pavers. That in itself brings in a lot of color already. But! I did add those insanely gorgeous linen pillows with a blue pattern. The blue pattern is subtle and doesn’t draw attention from anything else but still brings in that 3rd or 4th color in the perfect way.

5. Think Non Outdoor

What? Think non outdoor?  Yep. When it comes to outdoor furniture, the selections and styles are very limited because they have to be made to withstand rain and shine.  Of course, a cover is still recommended so that you’re furniture can last even longer. However, if you do your research, you can find out which materials will do just fine outdoors and select pieces that aren’t even placed in the outdoor category. You can also purchase finishes and sprays that you can put on your pieces for that extra coat of protection (always recommend non-toxic, if possible). Also, if you’re area is covered with some sort of roof, that already gives you more opportunities as it won’t get rained on! You can check out our outdoor dining area as an example – it’s part of the linai so it’s covered, but it still gets that direct early sunlight as the sun comes up behind our house. 

>> I didn’t imagine this space to be covered so almost all of it is outdoor friendly. The linen pillows are not considered outdoors, however pillows are easy to store away. And if by mistake you forgot to store them away a few times when it started to rain, you can simply take the covers off and give the insert and covers a good wash. You might’ve noticed the acrylic coffee table, which is also considered non outdoor. Doesn’t it bring a nice casual but elegant vibe to the space? I did some digging and turns out that acrylic has great weather resistance – yay! Because now that I see how it’d look in this space, I can’t unsee it.

Check Out the Details:

I hope you found the tips to be helpful, and if anything, you can always ask away! For more details on the products I chose from AllModern.com, click on the images below.

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